Ayamas Menu Price 2023, Promotion

When you are in the mood for delectable food of exceptional quality that won’t strain your budget, Ayamas emerges as the top one choice. In this content, we will demonstrate the Ayamas Menu Price 2023, will also inform you about exclusive offers that will tantalize your taste sensors and help you save some cash. We possess good knowledge about food, and our purpose is to assist you in comprehending this journey thoroughly.

Ayamas Menu Price 2023

Ayamas, a name with delicious and high quality fried chicken food, has been a beloved choice for those searching tasty and convenient meals. They have recently unveiled the Ayamas menu prices 2023, allowing you the offers fantastic value for your money.  Whether your preference leans toward  tasty roasted chicken, like burgers, or nutritious wraps.

  • Limited Time Offer
  • Mixed Seafood Oden
  • Sides
  • Ala-Carte
  • Snackers

Ayamas Promotion

In a society where financial resources hold significance, Ayamas Promotion recognizes the value of providing you with enticing offers that enhance your dining experiences. Whether you’re going with your loved ones or savoring a meal solo, their promotions bring an extra dose of joy to your moments.

They could provide you with a unique offer that blends your preferred dishes or a promotion allowing you to explore new flavors for a limited period.

  • Limited Time Offer
Pasta Telur Asin RM 16.90
Sos Telur Asin RM 6.90
  • Bowl
Mixed Seafood Oden RM 13.90
  • Sides
Plain Soup RM 1
Chilli Sauce RM 2
Mineral Water RM 3
  • Ala-Carte
Sardines in Tomato Sauce RM 8.90
Tomato Sauce 325gm RM 3.90
Butter Shortbread 160gm RM 10.90
Chili Sauce 340gm RM 3.90

Or enjoy the:

  • Snackers
5 Fingers RM 12.90
Chicken Curry Puff RM 3.50
Choco Chip Muffin RM 3.50
Popcorn Chicken RM 9.50

Enjoy Popcorn Chicken Recipe

Ayamas Contact Number

City  Contact Number
Selangor 60 14-334 9545
Penang 60 19-350 7023
Jalan Nanas 60 19-623 4143

Now we say that the Ayamas 2023 Menu Price and numerous enticing promotions that deliver exceptional value without compromising on flavor. Its competitive pricing, and exciting promotions, Ayamas is ready to win hearts. Whether you’re a chicken enthusiast, seafood lover, or a vegetarian, it has something to offer all of you.

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