Blackball Menu 2023 Price Malaysia

Well, the famous Chinese restaurant Blackball introduced delicious types of food items like dessert, Warm, Blackball Mini, Drinks, and many others. Now, Blackball Menu 2023 Price in Malaysia is given. In 10 different cities in Malaysia, Blackball Restaurant opened because its menu demand is much high. All dishes come at affordable prices which delicious taste.

Blackball Menu 2023 Price Malaysia

In 2023, Blackball Menu changed because they add some more dishes so that’s why people ask about Blackball Menu 2023 Price Malaysia. The main menu items’ name is listed.

  • Classic Cold Desserts
  • Super Value Combo
  • Warm Desserts
  • Mixed & Match
  • Milk & Tea
  • Milk & Tea
  • Yogurt

Classic Cold Desserts

Blackball Signature RM 15.90
Classic Blackball Signature RM 15.90
Melon Jade Jelly RM 10.90
Soy Dearest RM 17.90
Golden Sweet Corn Delight RM 14.90
Signature Soya Delight RM 13.90
Soy Joyful RM 11.90
Soy-Cheerful RM 16.90
  • Super Value Combo
  • Grass Jelly Ice Super Value
  • Soya Ice Super Value Combo
  • Jade Jelly Super Value Combo
  • Sweet Corn Ice Super
  • Crushed Ice Super Value
  • Crushed Ice Super Value
RM 12.90 {Each}
Hot Xian Cao Super Value RM 13.90
  • Warm Desserts
Hot Blackball Signature RM 15.90
Sesame Soup with Purple RM 15.90
Taiwanese Ginger Soup RM 12.90
Ginger Soup w. Crystal Tang RM 16.90
Hot Soya w. Crystal Tang Yuang RM 15.90
Black Glutinous Rice Soup RM 10.90
Hot Soya with Purple Tang RM 13.90
Black Glutinous  Rice Soup RM 15.90
Blackball Hot Sesame RM 11.90

Blackball Menu

  • Mixed & Match
  • Grass Jelly Ice Base
  • Sweet Corn Ice Base
  • Hot Soya Base
  • Jade Jelly Base
  • Soya Ice Base
  • Hot Grass Jelly Base
  • Grass Jelly Base
RM 8.90 {Each}

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  • Milk & Tea
Grass Jelly Milk Tea RM 7.80
Fresh Milk with Grass Jelly RM 9.90
Bobe Milk Tea RM 7.80
Pudding Milk Tea RM 9.90
Uji Matcha Latte RM 11.80
Grass Jelly Milk Green Tea RM 7.80
Fresh Milk with Pearls RM 9.90
Bobe Milk Green Tea RM 7.80
Milk Tea with Baby Balls RM 10.90
Red Bean Matcha Latte RM 13.80
  • Refreshing Beverages
Blackball Classic Tea RM 6.90
Blackball Xian Cao Tea RM 5.80
Winter Melon Tea RM 8.80
Sour Plum with Nata De RM 7.80
3Q Passion Fruit Winter Melon RM 8.90
Pudding Iced Cocoa RM 12.90
Iced Jade Tea RM 8.80
Cheesy Green Tea RM 10.90
Avocado Summer Dream RM 16.90
Devil Boba Fresh Milk Matcha RM 1.90
Devil Boba Fresh Milk Caramel RM 14.90
Green Marble RM 13.80
Blackball Green Tea RM 6.90
Winter Melon Tea with Grass RM 7.80
Winter Melon Tea RM 7.80
3Q Passion Fruit Green Tea RM 8.90
QQ Cranberry Lemon Juice RM 7.8
Mocha with Grass Jelly RM 8.80
Honey Lemon Aiyu RM 8.80
Cheesy Milk Tea RM 12.90
Avocado Boba Fresh Milk RM 19.90
Devil Boba Fresh Milk Sesame RM 15.90
Sesame Marble RM 10.80
Pink Romance RM 8.80
  • Yogurt
Passion Fruit Yogurt RM 13.90
Strawberry Yogurt RM 14.90
Sweet Yam Yogurt RM 15.90

Blackball Locations

This restaurant opens its branches in the below-mentioned cities. Management of this restaurant is just not a single branch in each while many branches open in different locations.

Selangor Kuala Lumpur
Penang Johor
Melaka Perak
Perlis Pahang
N. Sembilan Kedah

People who like the menu of this restaurant look online order booking is available. Yes, you can order online and receive it from the nearest branch. In addition, delivery service is available but in selected areas where riders of this food point.

Moreover, food panda is attached to Blackball and provides food at your address. But it charges some extra because this is a private company. Before booking online order must check the delivery charges. On the other hand, the internal environment is clean as well as baking areas are fully cleaned and maintain food quality. Further, Blackball Menu 2023 Price Malaysia is updated above.

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