Boat Noodle Menu 2023 Price Malaysia

Well, Boat Noodle in Malaysia has become very well known for sticking to the true essence of thai food. They have just revealed their Boat Noodle Menu 2023 Price Malaysia, showing how serious they are about keeping Thai culinary traditions alive and making them even better. Every item on their menu is a perfect blend of flavors and a beautiful mix of spices, making your meal special and not just an ordinary dinner know.

Boat Noodle Menu 2023 Price Malaysia

They are really good at making thai food taste just like it does in thailand, and they have been doing it in Malaysia for a long time. Now, in Boat Noodle menu 2023 price Malaysia, they offer a food experience that’s unique from anything else.

  • Their menu boasts an exceptional array of flavors and spices, all skillfully blended to reflect a profound appreciation for Thai cuisine, resulting in an unparalleled taste of this dish.

Boat Noodle

  • Pathumthani
  • Ayutthaya
RM 2.80
  • Seasonal Noodle
  • Khao Sol
  • Nam Khon
RM 3.80
  • Topping
Chicken Skin RM 3.81
Enoki Mushroom RM 2.70
Boiled Egg With Soup RM 3.80
Thai Crispy Chicken Wantan RM 6.90
Thai Crispy Spring Roll RM 8.80
Fried Wanton Skin RM 2.82
  • Cook To Order
Lava Egg Krapow RM 19.90
Kaw Pad Super RM 18.90
Pad Thai RM 12.91
  • Tasty Bites
  • Ayam Legend
  • Thai Fried Chicken
RM 18.90
Pandan Wings RM 15.90
Crunchy Popeye Tempura RM 8.80
Yum Mama RM 11.91
Grilled Beef Balls RM 7.90
Chicken Balls RM 5.20
  • Thai Desserts
Chatujak Lava Toast RM 23.90
Sangkayaa RM 9.50
  • Aroi Drinks
  • Cha Yen
  • Cha Keow
  • Kaffe
RM 9.50
Mango Smoothie RM 7.92
Blue Butterfly RM 6.00
Thai Coconut RM 10.50
Hot Kaffee RM 9.20

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Boat Noodle Contact Number

City Contact Number
55100 Kuala Lumpur 60 11-1648 9255
Pulau Pinang 60 11-2601 9755
Selangor 60 11-2693 2755

At end, Boat Noodle’s menu 2023 Price in Malaysia introduces the genuine taste of Thailand to your dining experience, all at affordable prices. Every time, committed to uphold authenticity, Boat Noodle offers a wide array of menu choices in a welcoming dining setting, making it the ultimate choice for those passionate about Thai cuisine.

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