Experiment Kitchen Menu Price, Reviews

In the big world of exploring food, Experiment Kitchen stands out as a major place to visit for good food. Known for its creative and constantly changing dishes, this restaurant has won over the love and taste preferences of people who love food from all around the world. Digging deeper, we will look closely at why its menu is so appealing, go through lots of positive reviews, and fully examine the eating experience that makes Experiment Kitchen a must visit for everyone who loves food.

Experiment Kitchen Menu Price

The food at Experiment Kitchen menu is really special and much more than what you get at a regular restaurant. It gives you an exciting journey through different flavors and new ways of cooking that really catch your attention and amaze you. The menu shows just how talented and creative the chefs are in the kitchen of the restaurant.

Talam Series

Talam Series Type Price
Nachos RM 134.90
Spaghetti RM 144.90
Dino RM 114.90

Western Plate

Western Plate Type Price
Deep Fried Squid RM 33.90
  • Fried Chicken chop
  • Grilled Chicken Chop
RM 19.90
Australian Lamb Chop RM 34.90
Kids Meal RM 10.90

Spaghetti Series

Spaghetti Series Type Price
Chicken Popcorn RM 20.90
  • Chicken Chop
  • Chicken Grill
  • Masak Lomak Atok Chicken Chop
  • Chicken Chop
RM 21.90
Fried Squid RM 22.90
Lamb Chop RM 24.90
  • Masak Lomak Atok Seafood
  • Tom Yummy 
RM 23.90
Salted Egg-cellent Fried Squid RM 26.90

Cheesy Nods

Cheesy Nods Type Price
Mac & Cheese Gangnam Bites RM 23.90
  • Cheesy Meatball
  • MacBolo
  • Cheese Beef Pepperoni
  • Cheese Beef Breakfast
RM 17.90
Mac & Cheese Chicken Slice RM 16.90
Mac & Cheese Meat Mania RM 20.90

Experiment Kitchen Burger Series

Burgers are really tasty and satisfying because they have a great mix of flavors. They have juicy meat, soft melted cheese, fresh veggies, and different sauces, all held together by a soft bread bun.

Burger Series Type Price
  • Fried Chicken with Fries
  • Grill Chicken Burger 
RM 15.90
Premium Benjo with Fries RM 13.90
  • American Style
  • Itaewon Burger
RM 21.90
Tsunami RM 25.90
The Manhattan Project RM 33.90

Cake Series

Cake Series Type Price
Panda Gula Melaka RM 15.90
  • Biscoff Chocolate Nutella
  • Double Chocolate 
  • Rich Chocolate Nutella Burnt
  • Red Valvet
  • Biscoff Burnt Cheesecake
RM 16.90

Rice Series

Rice Series Type Price
  • Talam Geprek Krispy
  • Talam Penyet
RM 33.50
  • Nasi Ayam Penyet Sambal Terasi 
  • Geprek Krispy
RM 17.50
Mini Talam Dino RM 49.90
Talam Dino RM 114.90

Cengkerang Out

Cengkerang Out Type Price
One or Two Person RM 49.90
Three or Four Person RM 95.90
Five or Six Person RM 141.90
Seven or Eight Person RM 189.90

Experiment Kitchen Wing Series

Chicken wings offer an extensive variety of flavors and sauces, presenting a flexible and adaptable culinary option. Individuals can savor the heat of spicy buffalo wings, the rich sweetness and tang of barbecue wings, the creamy and savory taste of garlic Parmesan wings, along numerous other flavorful selections.

Wing Series Type Price
  • Sabah Famous BBQ
  • Spicy Honey Gochujang
RM 20.90
  • Fried Chicken Wing 
  • Cheesy Chicken Wing n Fries Shaker
  • BBQ Chicken Wing N Fries Shaker
RM 17.90
Lets Hwve A Party RM 14.90
  • Wings and Things
  • Squids and Wings Why Not
RM 59.90
Mix and Match RM 49.90

Signature Frappe

Signature Frappe Type Price
  • Magnum Choco Chips
  • Mocha Loka
RM 9.50
  • Mint
  • Chocolate Banana 
  • Tiramisu Java Chips
  • Caramel Macchiato
  • Oreo Vanilla Frappe
  • Hazelnut Coffee
RM 9.90
Biscoff Vanilla Frappe RM 10.90

Fruity Frappe

Fruity Frappe Type Price
Yam Taro RM 9.50
Coconut Shake RM 9.90
  • Double Strawberry
  • Berry Banana
RM 10.90

Grill Chicken Burger 

Experiment Kitchen Reviews

For culinary enthusiasts on a quest for flavor exploration, this venue is a must visit. The Experimental Tasting Menu provided a dizzying array of tastes and textures, with each plate outdoing the previous in terms of originality and excitement. This is a gastronomic adventure that will forever hold a special place in people’s hearts.

Source Rating Total Reviews
Google 3.8 1,676 Google reviews 
Tripadvisor 1.0 1

Experiment Kitchen Contact Number

City Contact Number
Selangor 60 10-443 6692

In the final analysis Experimental Kitchen menu, however, provides a special experience full of tasty meals that you will remember for a long time and that will make you even more excited about cooking. Whether you know a lot about food or just want to try something new, this place is perfect for you. Book your place now and get ready for a great time full of new tastes and creative ways of cooking.

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