Giggles and Geeks Menu Price, Reviews, Location

Visiting Giggles and Geeks is like stepping into a world where their food meets the things geeks really enjoy. Because of a great Giggles and Geeks menu, people have said wonderful things about them, and after such number of reviews they are in a really good position. They are all the time ready to take you on a food mission that is totally unique. Hopefully, they will continue to do the best of work that make them a brand.

Giggles and Geeks Menu Price

At the Giggles and Geeks menu price, they put a lot of careful work into making each dish just right. Every item like hot bowls of ramen that are like the ones in your favorite anime, and even fancy burgers that are at next level.

  • Giggles and Geeks Starter And Soup
Mixed Green Garden Salad RM 18.90
Caesar Salad
Classic RM 20.90
Add Grilled Chicken RM 29.90
Add Salmon RM 38.90
Home Made Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup RM 16.90
Creamy Of Tomato Soup RM 14.90
  • Giggles and Geeks Home Made Burgers
Classic Beef Burger RM 32.90
Double Beef Burger RM 44.90
Crispy Chicken Burger RM28.90
Sweet & Spicy Korean Burger RM 29.90
  • Giggles and Geeks Pasta Galore
Lamb Stroganoff Spaghetti RM 56.90
Alfredd Spaghetti Crispy Squid RM 38.90
Alfredd Spaghetti Lamb Shoulder RM 56.90
Seafood Aglio Olio RM 36.90
Vegetarian Mushroom Aglio Olio RM 22.90
  • Giggles and Geeks Steaks
Black Angus Rib Eye Steak RM 129.90
Aus Wagtu Striplion MB 4-5 RM 198.90
Norweign Salmon Fillet RM 59.90
  • Giggles and Geeks Aus Beef Tenderlion
200gm Cooked to your perfection (doness) RM 85.90
1000gm (Share up to 3-4 Pax) RM 310.00
  • Giggles and Geeks Nzlamb Back
250gm Cooked to your Perfection RM 93.90
1000gm (Share up to 3-4 Pax) RM 286.00

Other Selection

Rosemary Braised Lamb Shank RM 82.90
Fisherman Fish And Chips RM34.90
Deep Fried Crispy Chicken Chop RM 28.90
Korean Chicken Chop RM 29.90
  • Taps
Loaded French Fries RM 18.90
Cheezy Chicken Nachos RM 20.90
Koren Chicken Wings RM 22.90
Harvest Sweet Potato Fries RM 16.90
Deep Fried Chicken Karaage RM 18.90
Mccain Premium French Fries RM 14.90
Mccain Potato Wedges RM 14.90

Also Taste:

  • Or, their is Giggles and Geeks Waffle Desserts
Classic Weffles With Maple Syrup RM  13.90
Trio Ice Cream Waffles RM 22.90
Nutella Banana Waffles RM 24.90
The Ultimate Strawberry Waffles RM 25.90
Banana Split RM 16.90
  • Local Selection
Nasi Lemak Pandan Ayam Berempah RM 26.90
Nasi Lemak Pandan Crispy Squid RM 29.90

Giggles and Geeks Kids Menu:

  • They take care of the kids and add some those specified stuff in their menu for the children. They like it more compared to regular menu.
Kindergarten RM14.90
Pre School RM 14.90
Standard RM 19.90
  • Beverages
Juices Regular Large
  • Green Apple
  • Watermelon
  • Pineapple
  • Carrot
  • Orange
  • Mango
  • Dragon Fruit
RM 12.90 RM 17.90
  • More Items:
Refreshing Regular
Ice Lemon Tea RM 7.90
Ice Mint Lemonade RM 8.90
Lemonade RM 8.90
Soda Herb RM 11.90
Apple Mint Asam Boi RM 13.90
Cincau RM 7.90
Cincau Longan RM 10.90
Soya Cincau RM 9.90
Soya RM 7.90
  • Flavors Coffee
  • Mocha Latte
  • Strawberry Latte
  • Caramel Latte
  • Hazelnut Latte
RM 16.90
  • Soft Drinks
  • A&W Root Beer
  • 100Plus
  • Pepsi
  • Coke
  • Mineral Water


RM 7.90

many of tasty options

Giggles and Geeks Reviews

You don’t have to just believe what we say; the people who come to Giggles and Geeks are the ones who know it best. The happy reviews that are continuously coming in from the satisfied guest say a lot about them.

  • Rating: 4.3 (After 1735 google reviews)

Giggles and Geeks Location:

To arrive in easiest way, its best to follow this map because it will also inform you about the distance from your current position. And it’s understanding is also simple.

Contact Number

City Number
Selangor (60) 19 845 0418

Certainly, Giggles and Geeks menu give a nod to the things that fans really love. This location is more ideal for particular persons who want food and things from pop culture. Their whole meat is of the superior grade that also contribute in making taste more better.

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