Jollibee Malaysia Menu Price (Updated 2024)

Jollibee has become very loved in Malaysia because it offers food that tastes like it’s from the Philippines. This fast food brand is now a big part of eating out in Malaysia. Its colorful mascot shows how excited Malaysians are to try the many tasty bites. The Jollibee Malaysia menu price for update 2024 pledges to offer dishes that combine fragrant spices, the homely feel of a meal cooked with care, and the authentic taste of the Philippines, all crafted to add a touch of happiness to daily dining moments.

Jollibee Malaysia Menu Price

Enjoy the tasty food at Jollibee Malaysia menu price, updated 2024, so that you can easily maintain your budget. where you can find lots of different flavors that everyone will like. Try their famous crispy fried chicken or their special spaghetti with a sweet tomato sauce. They have many kinds of dishes that will make everyone happy. Check out their delicious options, all made fresh and at good prices.

Chickenjoy Meal

Chickenjoy Meal Type Price
One Piece with Rice RM 15.12
Two Piece with Rice RM 22.32
One Piece Chickenjoy Spaghetti  RM 19.80
Two Piece Chicken with Three side RM 29.76
Bucket Meal Five Piece RM 51.60
Bucket Meal Nine Piece RM 85.68

Chicken Snack- Ala Carte

Chicken tenders RM 12.49

Chicken Snack -Meal

Three Piece Chicken Tenders Meal RM 16.24

Jolly Spaghetti – Meal

Spaghetti Meal RM 13.63
Spaghetti with Cheesy Yumburger Meal RM 22.38

Burgers – Ala Carte

Burgers Type Price
Cheesy Yumburger RM 10.25
Double Cheesy RM 14.88
Aloha Yumburger RM 18.63
  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich
  • Jollibee Chicken Sandwich
RM 16.79

Burgers – Meals

Burgers – Meals Type Price
Cheesy Yumburger Meal RM 14.00
Double Cheesy  RM 18.63
Aloha Yumburger Meal RM 22.38
  • Chicken Sandwich Meal
  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich Meal
RM 20.39

Jollibee Rice – Ala Carte

Rice is a flexible food that goes well with many things like meat, veggies, and different kinds of sauces. It’s a basic ingredient that can be used in lots of tasty and hearty dishes.

Rice Type Price
One Piece Burger Steak  RM 11.13
Two Piece Burger Steak with Rice RM 18.13

Rice – Meals

Rice – Meals Price
Two Piece ChickenJoy Meal with Burger Steak RM 29.38
One Piece Burger Steak Meal RM 13.63
Two Piece Burger Steak Meal RM 20.63


Sambalghetti Type Price
Sambalghetti RM 11.13
Value Meal  RM 13.63
Sambalghetti with Yum Cheese RM 22.38
Value Meal One Piece Chickenjoy RM 19.80
Value Meal Two Piece Chickenjoy  RM 27.00

Chickenjoy – Ala Carte

Chickenjoy Type Price
Two Piece RM 17.04
Three Piece  RM 24.96
Five Piece RM 39.60
Nine Piece RM 70.80


Peach Mango Pie RM 5.74


Sides Type Price
Fries Medium RM 6.50
Fries Large RM 9.00
Jolly Cheesy Fries RM 9.38
  • Mashed Potato
  • Coleslaw
RM 5.63
White Rice RM 3.13

Chicken tenders

Jollibee Malaysia Menu Review

The Chickenjoy is the best thing you can eat at Jollibee. It really lives up to its happy name. The chicken is soft, juicy, and tastes great because of the mix of spices they use. It has a crunchy outside that tastes really good, too. They serve it with a special gravy that makes it even more delicious. It’s definitely one of the best things on their menu and everyone should try it.

Jollibee Contact Number

City Contact Number
Selangor 60 3-5612 3725
Kota Kinabalu 60 11-2181 3085

People looking for good and affordable food often go to Jollibee Malaysia. The Jollibee Malaysia menu prices update in 2024 make it easy for anyone to enjoy Filipino food without spending too much. Jollibee Malaysia their promise to provide great quality at good prices has made it a popular place for families and anyone who loves food.

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