KFC Menu Malaysia Prices (Updated 2024)

When it comes to quick service dining options, KFC has consistently been a brand that sparks excitement and eager forethought. The entire KFC Menu Malaysia Prices updated 2024 with Breakfast, Lunch and Burger are raising up the experience with a range of offerings. From fulfilling breakfast choices to amusing lunch and most demanded burgers, KFC Malaysia aim to serve the best taste. Importantly, their quality is same in every part of part that is always plus point of this chain from years.

KFC Menu Malaysia Prices

Now we are going deeper into the updated 2024 KFC Menu Malaysia Prices and trying to open the whole food line with their prices. From kids to the male and females, everyone must find out something favorite and for this specific country residents, they also covered some conventional items too.

KFC Breakfast Menu Malaysia

First of all, the KFC Breakfast Platter is perfect for everyone who like complete package. Normally, it includes a succulent piece of fried chicken, a steaming serving of creamy porridge, and a hot cup of aromatic coffee. Further, it changes from region to region.

  • Limited Time Only
  • O.R. Breakfast Waffle
  • Zinger Breakfast Waffle
RM 15.99
Breakfast Waffle Combo RM 11.99
  • Nasi Lemak Kfc
2 piece Nasi Lemak KFC Combo RM 21.99
1 piece Nasi Lemak KFC Combo RM 17.99
Nasi Lemak KFC Combo RM 11.99
2 piece Nasi Lemak KFC RM 19.49
1 piece Nasi Lemak KFC RM 15.49
Nasi Lemak KFC RM 9.49
  • Box Meals
  • O.R. Breakfast Waffle
  • Zinger Breakfast Waffle
RM 15.99
Zinger Riser Box Meal RM 17.99
Colonel Box Meal RM 16.99
Zinger Porridge Box Meal RM 15.99
Egg Riser Box Meal RM 14.49
Cheezy Egg Twister Box Meal RM 17.49
  • Value Combos
Breakfast Waffle Combo RM 11.99
Zinger Riser Combo (with hashbrown) RM 15.99
Colonel Classic Combo (with hashbrown) RM 14.99
Zinger Porridge Combo (with hashbrown) RM 13.99
Egg Riser Combo (with hashbrown) RM 12.49
Cheezy Egg Twister Combo (with hashbrown) RM 15.49
Zinger Riser Combo RM 13.99
Colonel Classic Combo RM 12.99
Zinger Porridge Combo RM 11.99
Egg Riser Combo RM 10.49
Cheezy Egg Twister Combo RM 13.49
  • A La Carte
Zinger Riser RM 11.49
Colonel Classic RM 10.49
Zinger Porridge RM 9.49
Egg Riser RM 7.99
Cheezy Egg Twister RM 10.99
  • Add-on Sides
Hashbrown RM 4.49
  • Sunny Side Up Egg
  • Hard Boiled Egg
  • Sambal Sauce
RM 2.49
  • Beverages

Significantly, they are more than just coffees and teas we consume; they are a reflection of culture, history, and personal preferences.

You like coffee, a strong cup of tea, or an adventurer in search of new flavors, KFC Malaysia Menu offers an endless options to try now. So, raise your glass to the world of drinks, where every sip tells a story.

  • Hot Teh Tarik
  • Hot Coffee
  • Hot Tea
RM 5.49
Hot Milo RM 7.49
  • Coca-Cola Zero Sugar (M)
  • Sprite (M)
  • Fanta Strawberry (M)
RM 5.49
Iced Milo (M) RM 8.49
Heaven & Earth Ice Lemon Tea (M) RM 7.99

KFC Lunch Menu Malaysia

Beside this, lunchtime at KFC lunch menu Malaysia is also composed of many flavors. Yes, for individuals in search of a unique experience, the Zinger Rice Wrap is a complete game changer. Their buckets are also good for whole family.

  • Limited Time Only
Satay Burger Box Meal RM 28.99
Satay Burger Combo RM 20.99
Satay Burger RM 17.49
6 (pc) Bucket Bersama RM 50.99
10 (pc) Bucket Bersama RM 74.99
12 (pc) Bucket Bersama RM 87.99
5 (pc) Spicy Cheesy Potato Balls RM 8.99
  • Jimat Hours
Jimat Combo AJimat Combo B RM 7.99
  • Family Buckets
6 piece Bucket Bersama RM 50.99
10 piece Bucket Bersama RM 74.99
12 piece Bucket Bersama RM 87.99
5 pc Combo RM 44.49
9 piece Combo RM 69.99
15 pc Combo RM 102.99
Variety Box A RM 60.99
Variety Box B RM 80.99
Variety Box C RM 95.99
  • Box Meals
Satay Burger Box Meal RM 28.99
Cheezy O.R. Deluxe Box RM 25.99
  • Signature Box – Classic
  • Twister Box
RM 22.99
Colonel Classic Box RM 19.49
Colonel Stacker Box RM 22.49
Zinger Cheezy Box RM 24.99
Stacker Box RM 28.49
Cheezilla Box RM 29.99
Snacker Box RM 16.49
  • Chicken

Snack platter combinations often choose by those who like to full their belly. This assortment has the ability to cater to various cravings and flavor preferences within a single meal, making it an attractive option for a broad spectrum of individuals.

Dinner Plate Combo RM 25.99
Snack Plate Combo RM 20.99
2-pc Rice Combo RM 20.99
1-pc Rice Combo RM 15.99
Dinner Plate (without drink) RM 23.99
Snack Plate (without drink) RM 18.99
2-pc Chicken RM 16.99

KFC Burger Menu Malaysia Price

The burgers of KFC has some history that create a satisfying and mouthwatering taste. Twisters, on the other hand, offer a crunchy type of experience. While, it complete with the crispy fried potatoes with seasonings can be very appealing too.

  • Burgers & Twister
Satay Burger Combo RM 20.99
Satay Burger RM 17.49
Cheezy O.R. Deluxe Combo RM 22.49
Zinger Classic Combo RM 19.99
Colonel Classic Combo RM 15.49
Zinger Cheezy Combo RM 21.49
Zinger Stacker Combo RM 25.49
Zinger Cheezilla Combo RM 27.49
Cheezy Twister Combo RM 19.99
  • Nuggets & Tenders

Under this food chain, nuggets and tenders are also served from years. While the exact origin is debated, these delectable have emerged from various fast food around the world. This is fried chicken with the concept of bite sized, breaded, and fried charm has been embraced by diverse cultures.

9-pc Spicy Nuggets Combo RM 20.49
  • 6-pc Spicy Nuggets Combo
  • 6-pc Nuggets Combo
  • 9-pc Spicy Nuggets
  • 9-pc Nuggets
RM 17.49
9-pc Nuggets Combo RM 20.49
  • 6-pc Spicy Nuggets
  • 6-pc Nuggets
RM 12.49
Crispy Tenders Combo A RM 21.49
Crispy Tenders Combo B RM 22.49
3-pc Crispy Tenders RM 11.49
  • Kids Meals
  • Kids Meal Combo A
  • Combo B
  • Combo C
  • Combo D
  • Add-on Sides
  • 5-pc Spicy Cheesy Potato Balls
  • Cheezy Wedges (L)
  • Loaded Cheezy Fries
RM 8.99
  • Cheezy Popcorn Bowl
  • Loaded Potato Bowl
  • Wedges (L)
RM 8.49
Nasi Lemak RM 5.99
Colonel Rice RM 5.49
Popcorn Chicken RM 13.99
Fries (L) RM 8.49
Whipped Potato (14oz) RM 9.99
Whipped Potato (8oz) RM 7.49
Whipped Potato (4oz) RM 5.49
Coleslaw (14oz) RM 9.99
Coleslaw (8oz) RM 7.49
  • Note: This menu is applying on all KFC branches.

yummy Nasi Lemak

KFC Contact Number

Accessing your favorite fast food chain’s contact information has never been easier. When you want to go KFC, you want to have quick access to their contact number. This info is the  significance in matters that how to find it, and why it matters.

Service Contact Number
KFC Customer Care 1300-222-888 (10.00 am to 10.30 pm)

From lunch to burger, updated 2024 KFC Menu Malaysia Prices for breakfast prove that they are on top of this line. From well elaborated prices to a complete menu that covers all tastes, KFC Malaysia continues to reign as a fast food favorite.

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