Light Capture Cafe by H.O.N Reviews, Menu Price

To make a better change in regular routine taste, try Light Capture Cafe by H.O.N. This lovely place skillfully mixes food creativity with a setting that highlights the play of light and taste. We will journey through the enchanting realm of Light Capture Cafe, examining its reviews, menu price, and the reasons it attract as a food point worth experiencing. Presently, reviews shows that customer demand more improvement.

Light Capture Cafe by H.O.N Reviews

All think going to Light Capture Cafe is amazing. The chefs are really good at using ingredients in a special way. The food they make is like a beautiful mix of flavors that tastes great. And, their reviews are best to judge that how they serve now.

The social rating of Light Capture Cafe by H.O.N reviews is not satisfactory at the moment. Maybe, they will consider it seriously and work for its betterment.

Source Rating Total Reviews
Google 3.4 1,099 Google reviews
Tripadvisor 2.5 22
Top-Rated 3.30 1010

Light Capture Cafe by H.O.N Menu Price

Start your food journey at Light Capture Cafe by H.O.N menu price, where you can begin your dining experience with tasty appetizers. They offer a variety of food like chicken curry, pasta, delicious seafood platters, and fresh salads.

All Day Breakfast

Light Capture RM 30
Beef Bacon RM 37
Creamy Mushroom Soup RM 20

Egg Benedict

Benedict Type Price
Croissant with Smoke Salmon RM 35
Chicken Ham RM 26
Smoke Salmon RM 28
Beef Bacon with Avocado RM 34

All Day Pasta

Pasta Type Price
  • Spaghetti Spicy Salted Egg
  • Roasted Chicken Aglio Olio
RM 29
  • IC Signature
  • Pan Seared Butter Fish
RM 35
Seafood Marinara RM 38
Beef Bolognese RM 32
Veggie Pasta RM 26

From The Farm

Cheesy Wheezy Chicken Chop RM 29
Grilled Lamb RM 45
Spicy Olala Chicken Steak RM 28

Asian Cuisine

This cuisine is famous for its rich and varied flavors. It often mixes sweet, salty, sour, and savory tastes in one dish, giving you a well rounded and balanced eating experience.

Asian Cuisine Type Price
  • Spicy Buttermilk Chicken and rice
  • Nasi Goreng Petai with Tiger Prawn
  • Chicken Curry and Rice
RM 28
Nasi Lemak Rendang RM 32
Buttermilk Chicken with Rice RM 30
Ayam Percik RM 29
Char Kway Teow RM 23


Type Price
Rendang Mexican RM 31
Chicken Curry RM 26
Vegetarian RM 21


Type Price
Caesar RM 21
Chicken Avocado RM 36
Egg Strawberry RM 28

Light and Easy

Light and Easy Type Price
French Fries RM 13
  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • Cheesy Potato Wedges
RM 18
Chicken Wing RM 19
Chicken Popcorn RM 29
Cheesy Nachos RM 29
Vietnamese Chicken Banh Mi RM 27

Pastry, Dessert and Homebake Cake

You can find many different tastes in Light Capture Cafe pastries, desserts, and cakes here, like unique yogurt cheesecakes, butter, chocolate, and nut. Everyone can find something they like.

Pastry, Dessert and Homebake Cake Type Price
  • Baked Yogurt Cheesecake
  • Carrot Cake
RM 18
  • Blueberry Yogurt Cheesecake
  • Mango Chill
  • Oreo Yogurt
RM 21
Chocolate Moist RM 20
Marble Butter Cake RM 17
  • Croissant Butter Pudding
  • Veggie Quiche

Marble Butter Cake

Light Capture Cafe by H.O.N Contact Number

City Contact Number
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur 60 10-232 8183

After spending some time, Light Capture Cafe by H.O.N. is going good fame where the interplay of light and flavor creates a remarkable dining adventure. Receiving glowing feedback, a meticulously designed menu, and affordable rates, each visit here guarantees a finer experience.

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