Mee Tarik Warisan Menu 2023 Price

From year, this restaurant really value local tradition and also like new ideas. With taking care of price, every food they serve in Mee Tarik Warisan menu 2023 is a way of showing respect for the old cooking style of the area. With this, they also add new and modern touch of cooking and ingredients. When you try their food, you will taste a perfect mixture of Malaysian flavors that show the heart of their cooking style.

Mee Tarik Warisan Asli Menu 2023 Price

After reviewing the Mee Tarik Warisan menu 2023, it look like that they arrange things wisely after suggesting with the chef. Further, the good news is that the prices are even easy to afford. This means that anyone who wants a great meal can enjoy this fantastic dining experience without spending too much money.

  • Asian Fusion
Fried Fungus & Meat RM 28.80
Toothpick Lamb RM 39.80
Roasted Beef With Potato RM 28.80
Braised Chicken RM 28.80
Fried Mushroom & Meat RM 28.80
Ziran Mutton RM 39.80
  • Mee Tarik Soups
Lamen Soup With Sliced Beef RM 16.80
Mee Soup With Braised Beef RM 19.80
Golden Curry Mee Tarik RM 19.80
Ramen Soup With Chicken RM 15.80
Mee Soup With Egg RM 13.80
  • Fried Noodles
Fried Noodle With Sliced Beef RM 19.80
Fried Mee Tarik With Kam Heong RM 20.80
Mee With Special Sauce RM 18.80
Fried Noodles With Chicken RM 18.80
Fried Mee Tarik With Black Pepper RM 20.80
  • Wet Mee
Wet Mee With Fungus & Meat RM 19.80
With Mushroom & Meat RM 18.80
With Potato & Beef RM 19.80
With Fungus & Chicken RM 19.80
With Tomato & Egg RM 16.80
With Ziran Mutton RM 20.80
  • Rice

For sure, this is a good source of carbohydrates, which provide energy to the body. Depending on its cooking style, it gave different type of looks and taste.

Rice With Mushroom & Meat RM 18.80
Egg Fried Rice RM 13.80
Rice With Braised Chicken RM 18.80
Rice With Potato & Beef RM 18.80
Rice With Ziran Mutton RM 20.80
Rice With Tomato & Egg RM 16.80
Rice With Fungus & Meat RM 18.80
  • Drinks
Sky Water RM 1.00
Sirap RM 4.30
Orange Juice RM 4.30
Milo RM 5.00
Lemon Tea RM 4.30
White Coffee RM 5.00
White Coffee RM 5.00
Sirap Bandung RM 5.30
  • Healthy Flower Series
Wolfberry Tea RM 7.30
Slimming Tea RM 7.30
Roselle Tea RM 7.30

Eat delicious food

Mee Tarik Warisan Contact Number

There is also a convenience to get in contact with the Mee Tarik Warisan Asli through their number that is simple for remembering purpose.

  • (60) 11-1234 5554

When you taste from Mee Tarik Warisan menu, be prepared to be surprised by some new flavors. While, the up to mark serving, and how well they combine taste ideas is their plus point. The food you eat won’t be like any regular or simple meal; it will someone unique.

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