Nok Yung Thai Cuisine Reviews, Menu Price

As name shows that another Thai food specialist came in your town. Yes, Nok Yung Thai Cuisine located in a busy area of Kuala Lumpur, and people enjoy dining there because it offers a memorable and enjoyable experience. The menu features a broad range of dishes, including rich, creamy curries, som tam goong, and wonderfully aromatic soups. Each mouthful at Nok Yung Thai Cuisine allows you to discover the varied and delicious flavors of Thailand. Further, we are opening their customer reviews, open the menu, and discussing the prices.

Nok Yung Thai Cuisine Reviews

Give their green curry a taste for a creamy and tasty treat. It comes with either tender chicken or veggies and has just the right amount of spiciness to tickle your flavor buds. And don’t miss their pad thai goong it is a delicious mix of savory, and umami flavors, with stir fried noodles, fresh shrimp, tofu, and plenty of crushed peanuts.

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Google 3.8 222 Google reviews

Nok Yung Thai Cuisine Menu Price

While every option on the Nok Yung Thai Cuisine menu is deserving of a try, there are specific signature dishes that have managed to amass a dedicated group of admirers. If you like Thai food, you must try Pad Thai, a classic stir fried noodle dish. It’s a rich and creamy treat that’s hard to say no to.

Deep Fried

Type Price
Khai Jeow RM 25.00
Gai Tod Hatyai RM 39.00
Pla Muk Tod RM 49.00
Khai Jeow Goong RM 59.00
Khai Jeow Poo RM 129.00
  • Pla Tod Kamin
  • Pla Kapong Tod Nam Pla
RM 139.00


Type Price
Homok Talay RM 69.00
Neu Yang RM 169.00
Gai Hor Bai Toey RM 35.00
Nok Yung Appetiser Platter RM 99.00
Tod Mun Pla RM 42.00
Peek Gai Tod Nam RM 39.00


Type Price
  • Som Tam Goong
  • Yum Woong Sen
RM 49.00
  • Ma Muang
  • Som Tum
RM 29.00
Woon Sen RM 49.00
Tam Neua Phoo RM 109.00
Neua Yang Nam Tok RM 139.00


Soup Type Price
  • Tom Yum Talay
  • Goong
  • Tom Kha Goong
  • Talay
  • Talay Nam Sai
  • Goong Nam Sai
RM 69.00

Nok Yung Thai Curry

Curry has lots of different flavors, from mild and creamy to spicy and delicious. This variety lets people try lots of different tastes and have fun testing with spices and ingredients.

Curry Type Price
Phoo Nim Pad Pong Karee RM 69.00
  • Gaeng Khiao Waan Gai
  • Gaeng Panang Gai
RM 39.00
  • Khiao Waan Neau
  • Panang Neau
RM 139


Claypot Type Price
Goong OB Woonsen RM 79.00
Tauhu More Daeng RM 69.00


Steamed Type Price
  • Pla Kapong Deng
  • Gaeng Som Pla
RM 139.00
Pla Muk Neung Manao RM 89.00

Nok Yung Thai BBQ

This like a personal adventure. You can pick the meat you like, add the seasonings and sauces you prefer, and even choose the side dishes you enjoy. This way, you make BBQ just the way you like it.

BBQ Type Price
Flaming Peacock RM 89.00
Nok Yung BBQ Platter RM149.00
Hoi Krang Pao RM 59.00
Pla Pao Gluea RM 99.00
Gai Yang RM 39.00
Geah Yang RM 69.00

Stir-Fry – Seafood

 Type Price
Pla Meuk Pad Kai Kem RM 49.00
  • Kapi Sator Goong
  • Goong Pad Kai Kem
  • Goong Pad Pik Gluea
RM 69.00
  • Hoi Malang Phoo
  • Nur Pla Pad Pik Gaeng
RM 89.00


Type Price
  • Pad Thai Goong
  • Pad See EW Talay
  • Woon Sen Talay
RM 39.00

Tom Kha Goong soup

Nok Yung Thai Cuisine Contact Number

City Contact Number
Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur 60 17-994 7686

In the world of great food, Nok Yung Thai Cuisine is like a bright star that attracts people who love to eat. They are well-known in Malaysia because they always make sure to serve authentic and high quality food that makes customers happy. If you want to enjoy delicious Thai food made with skill and a little bit of magic, Nok Yung Thai Cuisine is the next spot to go.

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