Oriental Kopi Malaysia Menu 2023 Price

Their is a huge foodies following of this restaurant for different reasons. One big is that they have tasty food on Oriental Kopi Malaysia Menu 2023 with affordable price. This place always liked just because of making real local food with some international fusion that definitely tastes great. Moreover, they represents the different styles of cooking from the area. Their complete menu have different sections, this is full with many of varieties.

Oriental Kopi Malaysia Menu 2023

The purpose of Oriental Kopi Malaysia menu 2023 is to align dishes in proper pattern that customer can easily pick as per their favorite taste. Their rates show the good used ingredients and the hard work they put into making each dish tasty.

Oriental Kopi Menu Price:

One who afford the price of Oriental Kopi menu, will get a really great food items for your money. While, such range of recipes are also their specialty as well.

  • Oriental Signature
Oriental Polo Bun RM 8.80
Oriental Honey Polo Bun RM 8.80
  • Nasi Lemak
Oriental Signature Nasi Lemak RM 19.90
Nanyang Curry Chicken Nasi Lemak RM 18.90
Oriental Fried Chicken Meat Nasi Lemak RM 17.90
  • Toast
Kaya Butter Toast RM 5.90
Peanut Toast

Curry Egg Toast

RM 8.90
Kaya Butter Wholemeal Bun

Peanut Butter Wholemeal Bun

RM 9.90
Margarine Sugar Toast RM 5.50
Egg Mayo Toast

Crunchy Peanut Butter Bun

RM 8.90
  • Curry
Nanyang Curry Chicken Rice RM 17.90
Dry Curry Chicken Mee Pok

Oriental Curry Laksa Mee

RM 16.90
Nanyang Curry Chicken Toast RM 14.90
  • Noodles

In addition, people enjoy noodles for several reasons. First, they come in many shapes and sizes, so there’s a type of noodle for everyone’s taste. Second, noodles can be cooked in various ways  boiled, fried, or in soups which adds to their versatility.

Oriental Chicken Hor Fun RM 17.90
Oriental Penang Prawn Mee RM 20.90
Penang Char Kuey Teow RM 18.90

Eat tasty food

  • Rice Series
  • Kampung Fried Rice
  • Yang Zhou Fried Rice
RM 18.90
Prawn Fried Rice RM 24.90
Malay Fried Rice RM 22.90
  • Vegetarian Series
  • Vegetarian Minced Rice
  • Black Pepper Mushroom Rice
  • Gong Bao Mushroom Rice
  • Satay Mutton Rice
RM 17.90
  • Snacks
Half Boiled Kampung Egg RM 5.50
Burry Fish Balls RM 10.90
Traditional Homemade Chwee Kueh RM 8.90
Fried Golden Mantou RM 10.90
Sweet Potato Fried RM 12.90
Curry Cheong Fun RM 16.90
Fried Chicken Meat RM 14.90
Penang Fruit Rojak RM 16.90
Fried Fish Balls RM 7.90
French Fries RM 10.90
Fried Fish Cake RM 8.90
  • Mango Series
A Mango Ice RM 20.90
Mango Pomelo & Ice Cream RM 19.90
Mango Sago & Grass Jelly RM 15.90
Mango Pomelo RM 16.90
Mango Sago RM 14.90
Mango Sago and Aloe Vera RM 15.90

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Next is Oriental Kopi Dessert Menu:

These oriental desserts showcase the diversity and creativity in cuisines when it comes to sweet treats. Each dessert has its own distinct flavors and cultural significance making them a delightful part of exploring different culinary traditions.

Peach Gum and Snow Fungus Dessert RM 13.90
Tang Yuan in Ginger Soup RM 10.90
Tang Yuan in Red Bean Soup RM 9.90
Longan Sea Coconut Dessert RM 12.90
Tang Yuan in Black Glutinuous Rice RM 10.90
Gui Ling Gao RM 8.90
  • Beverages
  • Kopi Butter
  • Kopi o Butter
  • Hainanese Cham Cincau
  • Oriental White Coffee
RM 6.80
Oriental Kopi Cincau RM 8.80
Oriental Kopi C Cincau RM 9.30
Teh Cincau RM 8.80
C Teh C RM 6.30
  • Milo O
  • Oriental White Coffee
  • Kopi C
  • Hainanese Cham
  • Milo
  • Milo C
RM 6.30
RM 6.30
Honey Lemon RM 9.90
Cincau RM 7.90
Gula Malaka Soya RM 9.90
Cendol RM 8.90
Oriental Kopi RM 5.80
Kopi O RM 5.80
Teh RM 5.80
Teh O RM 5.80
Oriental White Coffee RM 6.80
Lemon Tea RM 8.90
Fresh Soya Milk RM 7.90
Fresh Soya Cincau RM 8.90
Longan Luo Guo RM 7.90
  • Specialty Drinks
Oriental Mocha RM 10.90
  • Iced Sour Plum
  • Iced Golden Lime Plum
RM 13.90
  • Fresh Fruit Juice
Fresh Orange Juice RM 14.90

Oriental Kopi Malaysia Contact Number:

Few of Oriental Kopi branches are in different main cities of Malaysia but they implement same atmosphere and menu in them. You can also call the restaurant team on these number.

Oriental Kopi City Contact Number
Puchong, Selangor 6018-779 6363
Johor Bahru 60 11-2888 6363
Kuala Lumpur 60 18-782 6363
Petaling Jaya 60 18-771 6363

The original Oriental Kopi Malaysia menu 2023 also give out new ideas. Every time, they make sure to cook any of dish to be special. They have a desire to give amazing tastes of different  foods for Malaysian people at Oriental Kopi. Surely, you come here to relish the exquisite dishes they present with taste perfection.

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