Pak Mat Western Penang Menu Price List 2024, Contact Number

oxFrom other cities, Penang has few different flavors that are more like by visitors. Yes, Pak Mat Western Penang menu has many platter that also meet your affordability. Probably, their chops are better then any of the other spot. They welcoming everyone to show that they are serving on best standards. Additionally, note their contact details that help you to collect precise whereabouts of their timing and other stuff.

Pak Mat Western Penang Menu Price List 2024

A feature of Pak Mat Western Penang menu price list 2024 is its dedication to delivering finest meals at right rates. This year, they remain steadfast in their promise, make sure that their dishes are accessible to all without stretching their budget.

  • Pak Mat Western A La Carte
Cheezy Lamb Chop RM 24.30
Mixed Platter RM 31.35
Mixed Grilled RM 26.10
  • Chicken Grill
  • Chicken Chop
RM 11.77
Jumbo Lamb Chop RM 21.67
  • Jumbo Chicken Grill
  • Same with Chop
  • Frozen
  • Kambing Perap
  • Lembu
  • Meatball
RM 40.42
  • Pak Mat Western Minuman
Soda Herbs RM 8.18
Blue Ocean RM 6.38
Raibena Laici RM 3.22
Teh O Ice RM 1.88
Milo Ice RM 2.63
  • Blended
Blended Chocolate RM 7.88
  • Spaghetti
Spaghetti Meatball RM 13.05
  • Lamb
  • Napolitano
RM 22.20
Bolognese RM 11.77
  • Pak Mat Western Nasi:

With the upper menu, Pak Mat Western is focusing on the Nasi because with out this dish, any of local restaurant looks like that they miss something special.

Nasi Goreng Grilled Chicken RM 14.33
Nasi Kambing RM 12.67
Nasi Goreng Chicken Chop RM 14.33
Nasi Goreng Lamb RM 22.20
Nasi Ayam Sambal Hitam RM 14.17
  • Side
Ayam Gula Merah 4 Pcs RM 9
Meatball RM 14.33

Nasi Kambing

Pak Mat Western Penang Contact Number

City Contact Number
Pulau Pinang 60 11-3615 2643

The Western Penang area, also called Pak Mat’s Place, is a must place to eat next time. It has natural beauty, strong local customs, and friendly people. It’s great for travelers looking for real and exciting experiences. You can enjoy nature, learn about history, or relax on quiet beaches.

All in all, Pak Mat Western Penang menu varies with customer type and has friendly selections. From outstanding meat dishes to the irresistible Nasi dishes, this eatery has some value that make them at other level.

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