Seni Sattisorru Ipoh Menu Price, Reviews, Opening Hours

It is a super tasty place where food and art come together to make eating here something you won’t forget. The Seni Sattisorru Ipoh menu has lots of food choices and different prices, fine for traditional dishes and also also attractive for those who love trying new things. Lots of people say good things about it and the friendly workers make it even better. Whether you live in Ipoh or are just visiting, make sure to try the yummy food at Seni Sattisorru and their whole team serve you in best way.

Seni Sattisorru Ipoh Menu Price

Ready yourself for a menu that shows off all the great food from Malaysia. The Seni Sattisorru Ipoh menu price has lots of different tastes and ingredients. It includes things like tasty curries, chicken soup, and chapati mutton curry, and each dish is really special. Even the fried mutton is made to be really yummy.

Hot Sales

Hot Sales Type Price
Special Boiled Rice with Mutton Gravy RM 34.90
  • Special Boiled Rice with Sotong Gravy
  • Rice with Prawn Gravy
  • Rice with Fish Gravy
RM 33.90
Special Boiled Rice with Chicken Gravy RM 28.90

Special Noodle Soup

 Type Price
Lamb Soup RM 30.90
Chicken Soup RM 20.90

 Roti Canai With Curry Set

Roti Canai With Curry Set Type Price
Chapati Mutton Curry RM 29.90
Chapati Fish Curry RM 28.90
Chapati Chicken Curry RM 20.90

Thiruviza Saapadu Banana Leaf Food

Thiruvizha Sapadu RM 49


Chicken Gravy with Rice is like a cozy, comforting meal. It’s warm and filling, which makes you feel happy and content. People often like to eat it when it’s cold outside or when they want something familiar and soothing to eat.

Chicken Type Price
Satti Sorru RM 16.90
  • Chicken Gravy with Rice
  • Soup With Rice
RM 17.90
  • Chicken Gravy with Bread
  • Soup With Bread
RM 21.90
Varuval RM 20.90


Mutton Type Price
Satti Sorru (Claypot) RM 25.90
  • Mutton Gravy With Rice
  • Soup With Rice
RM 26.90
Mutton Gravy With Bread RM 30.90
Varuval RM 24.90
  • Nalli Masala (Gearbox)
  • Fried Mutton
RM 33.90
Mutton Chukka RM 35
Kodal (Perut Kambing) RM 28
Soup With Bread RM 29.90


Fish Type Price
Satti Sorru RM 24.90
Fish Gravy With Rice RM 25.90
Fish Gravy With Bread RM 29.90


Prawn Type Price
Satti Sorru RM 24.90
Prawn Gravy With Rice RM 25.90
Varuval (Little) RM 36
Prawn Gravy With Bread RM 29.90

Goreng Items

Goreng Type Price
Tenggiri RM 21.90
  • Sotong
  • Udang
RM 29.90
Kadai (Puyuh Goreng) RM 12.90
Fish Fillet RM 20.90
Omelette RM 8.90


Desserts can have lots of different flavors, like chocolate, rambo cake, or red velvet, and they can feel different in your mouth. There’s a dessert for almost everyone because they come in so many different tastes and textures.

Desserts Type Price
  • Almond Tiramisu
  • Arabica Coffee
  • Callebout Chocolate Cake
  • Missisippi Mud Cake
  • New York Cheese
  • Rambo Cake
  • Red Velvet
RM 23


Macaron Flavor Type Price
  • Blueberry Macaron
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Peanut Butter
  • Strawberry
  • Yam
RM 5.10

Fried Mutton

Seni Sattisorru Ipoh Reviews

Eating the Mutton dish is really tasty! It’s so good that you’ll remember it for a long time. Seni Sattisorru is great at mixing old and new ways of cooking. Their food shows how wonderful Malaysian cooking is.

Source Rating Total Reviews
Google 3.8 95 Google reviews

Opening Hours:

Any of you want to go to Seni Sattisorru, you need to know when they are open. They let all visiotrs come in at these times.

Days Timing
Saturday To Friday 11:30 am – 10:30 pm
Monday Closed

Seni Sattisorru Ipoh Contact Number

City Contact Number
30300 Ipoh 60 11-6517 2500

Seni Sattisorru Ipoh is a fantastic place where food and art come together perfectly. They have lots of different foods, great reviews, and really good service, so you will have an amazing meal there. Make sure you go and taste the delicious food that makes Seni Sattisorru a special place to eat in Ipoh.

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