The Chicken Rice Shop Menu Malaysia, Price

No Malaysian meal is complete without fragrant, fluffy rice, and The Chicken Rice Shop takes this staple to a whole new level. Their signature chicken rice is infused with aromatic herbs and spices, making it the ideal companion to their delicious chicken dishes. Further, The Chicken Rice Shop menu in Malaysia is a delightful exploration of the country’s culinary heritage. From the renowned Hainanese Chicken Rice to a wide selection of delectable dishes, this restaurant provides an authentic Malaysian dining experience.

The Chicken Rice Shop Menu Malaysia:

Entire menu at The Chicken Rice Shop is not limited to just chicken and rice. They boast an extensive array of culinary delights, spanning from delectable seafood to savory noodle dishes and enticing vegetarian selections.

  • Value Meal Set
  • Tcrs Signature
  • Rice & Noodles
  • Entrée
  • Soups
  • Vegetables
  • Beancurd & Egg
  • Kid’s Meals
  • Personal Meal Box
  • Beverages
  • Dessert

The Chicken Rice Shop Menu Price:

In the following, we note down The Chicken Rice Shop menu price for those who think to visit there. This beloved dining establishment has earned the admiration and satisfied the palates of culinary enthusiasts with its exquisite menu choices.

  • Value Meal Set
Family Fiesta RM 134.90
Family Delight RM 89.90
Triple Feast RM 69.90
Double Delight RM 49.90
  • Tcrs Signature
Steamed Chicken (Whole) RM 67.90
Crispy Roast Chicken (Whole) RM 67.90
Soy Sauce Chicken (Whole) RM 67.90
Prime Honey BBQ Chicken (Combo) RM 14.50
Chicken Combo – Mix RM 16.90
Hainanese Curry Chicken (Combo) RM 14.90
Nyonya Assam Fish (Combo) RM 13.90
  • The Chicken Rice Shop Rice & Noodles

Rice and noodles serve as versatile foundations capable of assimilating the various tastes of the sauces, spices, and components they are combined with. This adaptability enables the creation of a diverse array of delectable meals.

Hainanese Chicken Rice (Rice only) RM 3.10
White Rice RM 2.80
Plain Noodles RM 5.50
Sai To Fish Ball with Shredded Chicken Noodles RM 11.50
Sliced Chicken Noodles (Choice of Steamed, Roast, or Soy Sauce) RM 15.50
Hainanese Curry Chicken Noodles RM 15.50
Prime Honey BBQ Chicken Noodles RM 15.50
Prime Honey BBQ Chicken Noodles with Whole Prawn Wanton RM 18.50
Curry Laksa RM 16.50
Chicken Mushroom Noodles RM 15.50
  • Entrée
Nyonya Pai Tee 4 pcs – RM 9.30, 6 pcs – RM 12.40
Crispy Fish Cake with Tangy Thai Sauce RM 11.50
Crispy Wanton 12 pcs – RM 11.00
Crispy Whole Prawn Wanton 6 pcs – RM 14.00
Homestyle Chicken Fritters RM 12.50
Kerabu Mango RM 12.00
Gado-Gado RM 12.10
Golden Fortune Rolls 4 pcs – 10.20, 8 pcs – 15.45
Penang Famous Chicken Rolls RM 12.50
  • Soups
Sai To Fish Ball RM 7.90
Famous Stuffed Fish Ball RM 9.30
Wanton RM 7.90
Homestyle Chicken Dumpling RM 8.40
Whole Prawn Wanton RM 11.50
  • Vegetables
Ipoh Bean Sprouts RM 7.90
Sawi with Oyster Sauce RM 9.90
Pak Choy with Oyster Sauce RM 10.50
Hong Kong Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce RM 11.95
Ladies Fingers RM 12.90
  • Beancurd & Egg
Braised Egg (Per Piece) RM 2.90
Braised Tofu (Per Piece) RM 3.50
Braised Egg (1pc) and Braised Tofu (1pc) RM 5.95
Tofu with Oyster Sauce RM 9.00
Homestyle Chicken Tofu RM 10.00
  • Kid’s Meals
Little Chick Rice Combo RM 10.95
Little Chick Junior Platter (Kids Meal) RM 10.95
Little Chick BBQ Noodles Combo (Little Chick Noodle) RM 10.95
  • Personal Meal Box
Personal Meal Box – Rice RM 17.90
Personal Meal Box – Noodle RM 19.00
  • Dessert
Rainbow Delight RM 3.90
Tropical Delight (with Shave Ice) RM 9.45
Tropical Delight RM 7.90
Penang Cendol (with Shave Ice) RM 9.45
ABC (Ice Kacang) RM 9.45

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The Chicken Rice Shop Contact Number

City Contact Number
03-7727 0068

The Chicken Rice Shop Menu Malaysia not only provides great value but is also brimming with delicious flavors. From their distinctive chicken entrees to an array of complementary sides and accompaniments, every element is good. Also confirm to seize the opportunity to taste their specialties because they wait you at this restaurant.

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