A&W Menu Prices Malaysia 2023

The beef items on the A&W Menu Prices Malaysia 2023 is notable for its delectable and savory flavor. It boasts a lovey blend of well seasoned ground beef, aromatic spices, with extra toppings such as cheese, onions, and mustard. Complementing the hearty and slightly crunchy texture of the beef and toppings is the soft bun employed in crafting beef coney sandwiches. This juxtaposition of textures offers a truly enjoyable biting experience.

A&W Menu Prices Malaysia 2023

Around six decades ago, A&W made a significant debut in Malaysia, becoming one of the pioneer fast food chains to set up shop in the nation. Over the years, it has ingrained itself as a vital component of Malaysian culinary heritage. A&W’s Menu Prices Malaysia 2023 are celebrated not just for their mouthwatering offerings.

  • Coney
Beef Coney RM 9.91
Chicken Coney RM 13.51
  • Burgers
Mozza Burger RM 15.49
Chicken Sandwich RM 11.52
Fish Sandwich RM 9.52
  • RB
RB Float RM 6.91
RB RM 4.90
  • Desserts
Waffle With Ice Cream RM 9.91
Waffle With Butter & Syrup RM 13.91
Vanilla Sundae RM 1.42
  • Sides
Curly Rings RM 7.50
French Fries RM 7.52
Onion Rings RM 7.81
6 Pcs Sesame Chicken Bites RM 10.79
  • Beary Meal
Beef Burger RM 11.90
1 Pc Aroma Chicken RM 9.51
4 Pcs Sesame Chicken Bites RM 16.80
Classic Chicken Frank RM 13.21

Yummy Beef Coney

A&W Contact Number

City Contact Number
Selangor 60 3-7932 4533
Petaling Jaya 60 3-5122 7770
Penang 60 4-293 6689

Enjoy delicious and creative food with A&W Menu Prices Malaysia 2023. Their menu for has a mix of classic and new flavors that will make your taste buds happy. It’s like a journey of tasty memories with every bite. So when you come in Malaysia tour must try this food destination and make your day momentous

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