Kommons Ipoh Menu

It’s a reality that Kommons Ipoh Menu is culinary haven, has embraced the croffle trend with open arms. Their menu boasts an array of creations that will leave you craving for more. Many of their mouthwatering dishes include ondeh latte, ethiopia guji shakiso and many more. The perfect introduction to the world of croffles, combines the simplicity of a buttery croissant with the crispiness of a waffle. Served with a drizzle of maple syrup, it’s a symphony of flavors.

Kommons Ipoh Menu

When it comes to cooking, Kommons Ipoh is a true gem among the many dining among other food points in the city. While, Kommons Ipoh Menu is offering the distinctive charm that positions it as an essential destination for those who  still not come here.

  • Seasonal
Pink Lady RM 15.00
Senzu Pear RM 15.00
Tropic Mango RM 15.00
  • Common
Black Coffee RM 10.00
Milk Based Coffee RM 13.00
  • uncommon
Espresso Lemonade RM 15.00
Gula Melaka Latte RM 16.00
Jasmine by Oatside RM 15.00
Ondeh Latte RM 18.00
Orange Espresso RM 15.00
Peach Molly RM 15.00
Tiramisu Latte RM 18.00
White Espresso RM 15.00
  • Matcha
Matcha Dirty RM 16.00
Matcha Latte RM 15.00
Matcha Lemonade RM 16.00
  • Chocolate

This can be found in lots of different kinds. There is dark chocolate, milk, and white chocolate. It also comes with things added in, like nuts, caramel, and fruit. This means everyone can find a kind of chocolate they really like.

Dark Chocolate RM 15.00
Mocha RM 15.00
Oolong Chocolate RM 15.00
White Chocolate RM 15.00
  • Handcrafted Coffee
Brazil Fazenda Rancho Grande RM 16.00
Colombia El Paraiso RM 20.00
Ethiopia Guji Shakiso RM 18.00
Nicaragua Carbonic SC 15+ RM 18.00
  • Handcrafted Tea
Baby Chrysanthemum RM 11.00
Blooming Flower (fancy corbeil) RM 12.00
Jasmine Tea RM 10.00
Oolong Tea RM 10.00
  • Other Drinks (non-caffeine)
Banana Milk Blend (Oat) RM 16.00
Sparkling Lime RM 14.00
Strawberry Latte RM 15.00
Strawberry Milkshake RM 16.00
  • Pastries

They usually give you a mix of different textures. When you eat them, you can feel the difference between the crispy, flaky parts and the soft parts. This makes eating them a really nice and enjoyable experience for your senses.

Chocolate Roll RM 12.00
Ham & Cheese Croissant RM 15.00
Pain Au Chocolat RM 11.00
Pesto Twist RM 12.00
Plain Croissant RM 9.00
Sausage Roll RM 13.00
  • Desserts
Citron Tart RM 15.00
Citrus Matcha RM 20.00
Coffee Toffee RM 19.00
Dark Citrus RM 15.00
Hawaii Passion RM 15.00
Hazelnut Chocolate RM 21.00
Mango Passion RM 18.00
  • Croffles
Caramel Biscoff RM 13.00
Cheesy Croffle RM 10.00
Chicken Floss Mayo RM 15.00
Chocolate Croffle RM 9.00
Common Croffle RM 8.00
Peanut Butter RM 14.00

Tasty Croffles

Kommons Ipoh Contact Number

Kommons Ipoh Contact Number
Perak 60 11-1318 0696

The Kommons Ipoh menu combines with yummy tastes, creating a typical culinary exposure. Their dedication to using high quality ingredients, providing an extensive range of options, and ensuring your visit is truly memorable and commendable.

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