Bask Bear Menu Price 2023 Malaysia

Their are many reasons to choose Bask Bear menu because it expertly prepared by dedicated chefs who are passionate about creating a special dining just for you. View the Bask Bear menu price for 2023 in Malaysia and pick anyone from their list. If one is a fan of traditional Malaysian meals or you  desire for taste sensations, their menu is designed for your culinary desires. So, come and involve yourself in the world of flavors they have prepared for you.

Bask Bear Menu Price 2023 Malaysia

This cafe believe that trust holds significant importance within every relationship. That’s why they make certain that the Bask Bear Menu Price 2023 Malaysia is entirely unique. When you peruse menu, rest assured that the prices reflect the true value of what you receive. They also emphasize that there are no hidden fees or surprises.

  • BB Aren Palm Sugar
Aren Signature Coffee RM10.90
Aren Chocolate Cheese Foam RM12.90
Aren Cheese Foam Latte RM13.90
Aren Japanese Fine Matcha RM11.90
  • Must Try
Double Shots Iced Shaken Vanilla Espresso RM11.90
Salted Caramel Hazelnut Macchiato RM12.90
Sea Salt Chocolate Chip RM11.90
Mocha Cheese Foam RM13.90
Matcha Espresso Cheese Foam RM13.90
Sparkling Lemon Americano RM11.90
  • Essentials
Americano RM6.90
Caffè Latte RM8.50
Vanilla Caffè Latte RM10.60
Hazelnut Caffè Latte RM10.60
Caffè Mocha RM10.90
Double Shot Espresso RM6.00
Signature Chocolate Latte RM9.50
Japanese Fine Matcha Latte RM10.90

Different great Bask Bear Frappe:

Many reasons are for liking frappes, which are cold, but uniquely made with coffee and some other flavors. And they make it more better.

Aren Frappe Latte RM 14.90
Mocha Choca Frappe RM 15.90
Japanese Fine Matcha Frappe RM 15.90
Caramel Frappe Latte RM 15.90
Summer Strawberry Frappe RM 14.90

Also Overview:

Many Toastie in both chicken and beef of Bask Bear must create an outstanding lunch combination with the coffee or frappe. Even they are favorite in dinner time.

Cheezy Crispy Chicken RM 15.90
Korean Spicy Chicken RM 15.90
Chicken Slice & Egg RM 12.90
Hash Brown Chicken Slice RM 14.90
Cheesy Chicken Luncheon RM 11.90
Chicken Sausage Stack RM 14.90
Cheese Melt & Chicken Slice RM 9.90
Classic Beef RM 15.90
Korean Spicy Beef RM 15.90
Cheezy Beef RM 15.90
Crispy Beef & Egg RM 13.90
Beefy Double Down Hash Brown RM 16.90
Double Down Hash Brown RM 15.90
Hash Brown Egg RM 14.90
Cheese Melt & Hash Brown RM 10.90
Cheese Slice & Egg RM 10.90
Cheese Melt RM 7.90
Cheezy Egg RM 8.90
  • Spicy Oriental Toastie
Spicy Oriental Beef Burger Toastie RM 16.90
Spicy Oriental Chicken Katsu Toastie RM 17.90
  • Sides
Hash Brown Bites Cheezy Mayo RM 8.90
Hash Brown Bites Signature RM 8.90
Hashbrown A La Carte RM 5.50
  • Mac & Cheese
Creamy Chicken Mac & Cheese RM 15.90
Chicken Bolognese Mac & Cheese RM 15.90
  • Pastries
Nutty Butterscotch RM 7.50
Double Choco Chip RM 7.50
Banana Choco Chip RM 7.50

yummy Pastries

Bask Bear Malaysia Contact Number

Bask Bear Malaysia Contact Number
For customer number 603-7710 8118
For general inquiry 03-7660 9015

To summarize, the Bask Bear Menu Price 2023 Malaysia exemplifies their deep passion for  making exceptional cuisine, to memorable dining experiences. Prepare yourself for a delightful culinary practice, complete with delectable dishes that accompany each one. Join them at Bask Bear make our day memorable with family and friends.

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