Blackbixon Cafe Menu Price in Kuala Lumpur, Reviews

Many of good reviews attract everybody towards Blackbixon Cafe menu price in Kuala Lumpur. After trying any of their food, it make you to want more. Surely, this a wonderful place to eat different type of flavoring, a distinctive atmosphere, and a totally modern ambience as well. Each dish is cooked with precision, using the finest ingredients to. People who live in the city where it is situated always preferred this cafe to eat some best.

Blackbixon Cafe Menu Price in Kuala Lumpur

From hearty breakfast to brunch and special mains with delectable desserts, they offers a very great range of dishes that are as pleasing to the eyes as they are to the mount. Moreover, Blackbixon Cafe menu price in Kuala Lumpur is almost covered in this text.

  • Blackbixon Cafe Bread And Pastries
Salted Egg Croissant RM 13.00
Matcha Cruffin RM 13.00
Fruity Danish RM 13.00
Ham & Cheese Croissant RM 12.00
Butter Croissant RM 8.00
Almond Croissant RM 11.00
Pain au Chocolat RM 9.50
Cheesy Sausage RM 11.00
Pesto Ham & Cheese Danish Twist RM 12.00
  • Blackbixon Cafe Breakfast And Brunch
Big Breakfast RM 28.00
Pumpkin Hummus RM 25.00
Potato Hash RM 20.00
Truffled Egg RM 23.00
Real French Toast (All day) RM 23.00
Smoked Salmon Avo Toast RM 33.00
Lamb Stew RM 30.00
  • Blackbixon Burger
Beef Burger RM 29.00
Lamb Burger RM 31.00
Chicken Burger RM 29.00
Crabby Burger RM 35.00
Truffle Portobello Burger RM 29.00
  • Blackbixon Cafe Pasta

Pasta often elicits feelings of comfort and nostalgia. Many people associate pasta dishes with a specific cooked meals or favorite family recipes, making it a go to comfort food.

Smoked Duck Aglio Olia RM 30.00
Meatball Pomodoro RM 29.00
Pesto Gnocchi RM 27.00
Black Truffle Squid Ink Carbonara RM 33.00
Miso Buttermilk Chicken RM 32.00
Chili Soft Shell Crab RM 38.00
  • Schnitzel
Beef Schnitzel RM 33.00
Lamb Schnitzel RM 33.00
Chicken Schnitzel RM 31.00
  • Sides
Calamari RM 18.00
Truffle Fries RM 19.00
Popcorn Chicken RM 20.00
Sweet Potato Fries RM 16.00

Blackbixon Cafe Cakes

This confection offer a combination of textures, such as moist cake layers and creamy frosting. The mixture in making contributes to a great product.

Dark Choco RM 22.00
Cheesecake RM 16.00
Coconut Gula Melaka RM 15.00
Mango Mousse RM 20.00
Chocolate Truffle RM 20.00
Opera RM 20.00
  • Beverages
  • Blackbixon Specialties
Monochrome RM 18.00
Tropicalxon RM 18.00
  • Coffee
Espresso RM 9.00
Piccolo RM 11.00
Americano RM 10.00
Long Black RM 10.00
Latte RM 12.00
Cappuccino RM 12.00
  • Non-Coffee
Chocolate RM 13.00
Wakoucha Latte RM 15.00
Matcha Latte RM 15.00
Houjicha Latte RM 15.00
  • Teas & Others
English Breakfast Tea RM 10.00
Just Jasmine Tea RM 10.00
Elegant Earl Grey Tea RM 10.00
Chamomile Tea RM 10.00
  • Cold Pressed Juices
Jussu Apple Passion Fruit Juice RM 15.00
Jussu Apple Strawberry Juice RM 15.00
Jussu Sweet Green Juice RM 15.00
  • Kombucha by Wild
Coffee Kombucha RM 16.00
Sencha Pear Kombucha RM 16.00
Lychee Rose Kombucha RM 16.00
Peach Blossom Kombucha RM 16.00
White Tea Kombucha RM 16.00

Also go and Taste:

  • Starter
Wild Mushroom Soup RM 19.00
Caesar Salad RM 20.00

Blackbixon Cafe Reviews

The cooking skills and commitment to making customers happy at Blackbixon Cafe are clear from the positive feedback they receive. From the 632 Google reviews, this cafe got “4.5 rating” that is just exceptional. Thanks to them for such excellent serving.

an better breakfast from there

Blackbixon Cafe Contact Number

Branch: Number
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur 60 17-395 0321

In the middle of Kuala Lumpur, you can reach at Blackbixon Cafe, a wonderful spot with quality food. They have decorated in such way that it’s dining give a traditional outdoor touch. With this, those who visit this cafe speak positively about its price and other aspects.

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