Fox Paradox Menu and Prices, Reviews

There are new and mixed foods in Fox Paradox menu with prices. Further, all reviews reflects the authenticity of this cafe that become Malaysians favorite in short time. Each dish is like a beautiful mix of flavors that will make you want to try it for one time more. What ever you like pasta, tasty burger, or delicious vegetarian food, they covered almost every taste in their menu. In addition, the special theme of this point also attract the visitors.

Fox Paradox Menu

Its true that menu of Fox Paradox draws inspiration from various cultures and ingredients, creating a tantalizing composition of textures that make your break fast or other meal great. Moreover, main portion of their menu is:

  • All Day Breakfast
  • Pasta
  • Burgers
  • Salads
  • Sides
  • Drinks

Fox Paradox Prices

A common opinion about such spots is that they are expensive but the Fox Paradox prices has almost changed this concept. With a tasting menu that allows a good suggestion of dishes for those required specific culinary food, the pricing structure is designed to provide flexibility.

  • Fox Paradox All Day Breakfast
Basic Beach RM 38
Blueberry Cheese Sourdough Toastie RM 28
Sriracha French Toast RM 39
Three Cheese Kale Sweet Onion Toastie RM 30
Mango Gluten-Free Pancakes RM 35
Basically Cado RM 28
Brown Breakfast Stack RM 32
Prawn Brioche Roll RM 39
Beat The Meat RM 59
Australian Striploin Steak Spiced Omelette RM 39
  • Fox Paradox Pasta
Prawn Truffle Carbonara Pasta RM 38
Venetian Slow Cooked Lamb Pasta RM 49
  • Fox Paradox Burgers
Peanut Butter Chicken Breakfast Stack RM 36
Honey-Glazed Double Beef Patty Peanut Butter Burger with Hashbrown & Beef Bacon RM 49
  • Fox Paradox Salads
Korean Style Chicken Salad RM 45
Australian Striploin Salad RM 58
  • Sides
Waffle Fries With Truffle Oil & Parmesan RN 25
  • Fox Paradox Drinks
White RM 7
Black RM 7
Single Origin 72% Chocolate RM 14
Sea Salt 59% Dark Chocolate RM 14
Earl Grey Cinnamon Coffee RM 15
Pandan Black RM 11
Flavoured Latte RM 15
Cinnamon Earl Grey Hojicha RM 15
Cinnamon Earl Grey Ajisai Espresso Matcha RM 15
Ajisai Matcha RM 13
Akane Hojicha RM 13

Fox Paradox Reviews:

At present, the google reviews percentage of Fox Paradox is fine that is “4” and this is calculated after “162” view point of customers. And curiosity as food enthusiasts mostly noticed reviews and testimonials to get insight into the coming people experiences.

Or Taste:

any food from them

Fox Paradox Contact Number:

  • They are certainly not much active on call, so to contact Fox Paradox you may send them message at their Insta account because they regularly posting on it.

The Fox Paradox has a menu with many delicious options and staff who is always welcoming too. At time of rush, better is to book a space and feel more relaxed on visit. They have every snack available which is in menu that no one missed their favorite one.

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