Coolblog Menu 2023 Price

At the Coolblog menu 2023, you can see lots of different choices that are definitely amazing. They made each desert or any of tea with care to make sure they taste superior and give you a really nice product. Every of cheese item to the coffees and shakes, everything on the menu has meet international standards. No doubt, they are working from almost two decades and in this duration they got perfection.

Coolblog Menu 2023 Price

In deciding the price of Coolblog menu 2023, they focused on what the customers need. After this, most can afford their menu without stressing about money. Their prices are good and food is too top notch, so you can eat what they offer now.

  • Coolblog Milk Tea
Brown Sugar Milk Tea ₱ 135 and up
Chocolate Milk Tea ₱ 114 and up
Flavored Milk Tea ₱ 114 and up
Original Milk Tea ₱ 104 and up
  • Coolblog Coffee
Brown Sugar Coffee ₱ 135
Cappuccino Smoothie ₱ 104
Latte Smoothie ₱ 104
Cafeccino ₱ 84

Coolblog Malaysia Cheese Menu:

People like Coolblog cheese Menu because it combines the delicious taste of cream with an new twist. The combination of the cream and possibly other flavors or toppings creates a unique and satisfying dessert experience.

Strawberry Cream Cheese ₱ 165
Honey Melon Cream Cheese ₱ 165
Ube Cream Cheese ₱ 165
Bubble Gum Cream Cheese ₱ 165
  • Coolblog Oreo Extreme:
Oreo Chocolate Extreme ₱ 165
Oreo Strawberry Extreme ₱ 165
  • Coolblog Chocolate And Oreo
Chocolate Extreme ₱ 145
Strawberry Oreo ₱ 114
Chocolate Oreo ₱ 114
Cappuccino Oreo ₱ 114
Chocolate Smoothie With Pearls ₱ 114
  • Coolblog Fruitti Shakes
Single Flavor Fruitti Shakes ₱ 74
Single Flavor Fruitti Premium Shakes ₱ 94
Double Flavor Fruitti Shakes ₱ 114
Triple Flavor Fruitti Shakes ₱ 134

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Coolblog Malaysia Contact Number:

They are serving in two cities of Malaysia and contact number of Coolblog branches are in table. So, whenever you need to reserve something, you get help from them.

Coolblog Contact Number
Johor 607-3555001
kuala lumpur 603 8068 5601

better coffee for this time

Bring in a new world of flavors from Coolblog’s 2023 menu in such price. Before or after lunch or dinner, or even for breakfast, there is a good combination of nourishment offered there. But foodies from small cities of Malaysia missed them because of limited network at the moment.

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