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DedicatedCore is the most famous VPS in the world. The VPS hosting should be virtualized with nvme/ssd storage to run the website enormously faster in a controlled manner in france. The manager is actually under contract, and there is a sense of trust that can be said, ” If you are worried about choosing a VPS, you can choose DedicatedCore.

DedicatedCore has always been popular among all hosts. DedicatedCore has been operating since the dawn of the rental server industry and has a reputation for services backed by high technical capabilities.

We have continued to reign as a representative of domestic VPS. Therefore, it is a recommended service for those who are new to VPS and those who want to study now. Introducing the latest specs and functions

I have done a bit of research about hosting providers. Today, I will share my findings about a vps hosting provider called DedicatedCore.

Who is DedicatedCore?

DedicatedCore is a vps hosting company. When seeking the top and best forex vps hosting, it’s crucial to compare features and performance across various online server providers. The company was launched successfully to provide vps hosting services of the highest quality at the lowest rates possible – while at the same time emphasizing customer satisfaction.

The DedicatedCore Company controls many data centers all around Europe. Some of the locations include the UK, USA, Canada, Singapore etc. Every one of these data centers is at minimum a Tier 3, and they have vps servers that are located in cages or private suites inside the data facilities.

DedicatedCore sets itself apart from its competition because of its on-site location which ensures that all of the services it offers are within direct reach. All of the technology and hardware are managed by the organization itself, meaning that there is no need to worry about a third party involved.

Since its founding, its client base has reached the number of 8,000, and it continues to grow. To sum it up, the company has not achieved a “boom” of any kind, but it has grown steadily over the past six years while constantly increasing the number of clients.

This is not an overnight company and if we take the constant growth into account, they will probably stay around for some time to come. The plans are very clear and simple and this is what I like.

There are no gimmicks which is a huge relief as the shopping process is quite easy, compared to companies that offer cheap base plans with add-on options.

Another appealing side of DedicatedCore is that they offer 24/7 technical support which is a must-have for any vps hosting provider. There are many services the company offers, but the three main ones are dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting, and shared hosting.

VPS Hosting offers Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting that includes software installation, setup, 24/7 technical support, and security monitoring. There are three types of VPS hosting DedicatedCore provides: Windows, OpenVZ, and XEN. Each of these three includes four different packages.

The price for Windows VPS hosting can go from $14.39 to $97 per month and can have from 40 to 1600GB of hard disk space with RAM from 2 GB to 64 GB, two-six CPU cores, and a monthly bandwidth from 7800GB to 51900.

Plenty of Commentary Articles for Beginners

It has been in operation for a relatively long time, and it is also a well-known service, so it has an extremely large number of users (data has been published that it has been used more than 75,000 times.

This “large number of users” also means “a lot of information on the Internet”. Regarding DedicatedCore, many articles have been published, starting with initial VPS settings, how to install a vps server such as Apache, and how to install WordPress.

Another great feature is that it comes standard with an NVME SSD.
SSDs, which are gradually becoming popular in home computers, read and write data overwhelmingly faster than HDDs, and are effective in speeding up servers.

In the past, SSD was offered as a slightly expensive separate plan at DedicatedCore, but now NVME SSD can be used as standard in all plans, including the cheapest plan per month (with an annual contract, tax included). Increase.

If you want more disk space than speed, you can choose a plan with an SSD HDD installed. In this case, you can secure up to four times the capacity compared to SSD.

Then there is local network support as a function for engineers. This is a contract for multiple VPS and connects each machine with a high-speed network (maximum 1 Gbps).

For example, by operating one server as a vps server and the second as a database server, you can assign roles to each server. Of course, the load is also distributed, and separating the database server containing personal information from the vps server helps to improve security.

Only DedicatedCore supports local networks. This function is ideal for those who want to set up a small-scale multiple-unit configuration, although it is not enough for full-scale cloud operation.

It should be noted that DedicatedCore cannot change the plan after signing the contract (if you want to change it, you will need to sign a new contract for another plan and transfer the data on your side), So choose your plan carefully.

It is a bit unreasonable to use it seriously. It may come out. There is no problem if you are studying VPS, but please be careful if you are thinking about managing the main site.

Another point to note is that DedicatedCore is a VPS for relatively beginners, but it is not a service that anyone can easily use like a shared server. If you are operating a vps site for the first time, we recommend using a shared server such as an X server.

Evaluation Summary

When the administrator is asked by a person, “Where should I choose a VPS?” In terms of specs, it ranks among the top in the world, and above all, there is a sense of trust that “I can recommend this service to anyone with peace of mind.”

it is necessary to operate VPS while acquiring some knowledge by yourself. At that time, it is really important that DedicatedCore can easily find a lot of information sources.

For those who do not want to fail in choosing a VPS, we recommend VPS.

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