Harold Bread Menu Malaysia Price

In Malaysia, there is a line of baked delicacies that weave together a splendid tapestry of flavors. The bakery has lots of yummy choices and has become a favorite place of deserts has tasty and affordable bread and pastries. It’s easy to find because it’s located in many places in Malaysia. We will open more about Harold Bread Menu Malaysia Price and also info that where its conveniently situated locations.

Harold Bread Menu Malaysia Price

Get good savings at Harold Bread Menu Malaysia Price. You can buy delicious pastries without spending too much. There are lots of tasty choices that are not only yummy but also affordable. These tasty foods are great for sharing with loved ones or enjoying as a special treat for yourself.

  • Tarts
Tarts Type Price
  • Chocolate Cheese
  • Blueberry Cheese
  • Strawberry Cheese
RM 3.40
  • Bar Desserts
Bar Desserts Type Price
  • Carrot Cream Cheese
  • Red Velvet Cream Cheese
  • Chocolate Walnut
RM 7.50
  • Japanese Light Cheese
  • Pandan Layer
RM 5.90

Blueberry Cheese

Harold Bread Locations

They have presently extended its presence throughout Malaysia, make sure that bread fans can savor their delectable offerings with the best approach. You will search Harold Bread locations in well known towns. Few of their reachable locations are:

  • Lotus’s Stargat, Indera Mahkota and Lukut
  • Hentian Bukit Gantang
  • R&R Tapah

Because of so many outlets in only only country, its not easy to compile here. So, alternate of of it is the number on which one can call and inquired about menu or other.

  • They also have good appearance on the social media as well where they may inform about the coming and present updates with reviews.

Harold Bread Contact Number

City  Contact Number
Selangor 0 3-8020 6776
Pulau Pinang 0 12-257 5884
Terenggan 0 12-568 1382

With all aspects, Harold Bread Menu Malaysia has the best bread, pastries, and tasty snacks. They are not too expensive, and you can find them easily. Many who love pastries enjoy going there. You can buy their great quality and bakery softness because they grow on the bases of stuff which they only has in their shops.

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