Lim Fried Chicken Menu 2024 Prices, Review

Come eat tasty food with Lim Fried Chicken menu 2024 prices. With this, trying their yummy flavors that will make you want to come back for more. Not only by Malaysians, chicken items of them are liked in other countries too because it makes them happy. Many really prefer their tasty dishes and have good times with them. They always have finest friend chicken to eat and see their great menu and rates as well.

Lim Fried Chicken Menu 2024 Prices

The reason for popularity of Lim Fried Chicken is simple as they make super tasty food by mixing different flavors and textures really well. In Lim Fried Chicken Menu 2024 Prices make sure there are lots of choices for everyone to find something they like.

Here is also a little preview of their yummy food, which includes crunchy chicken, tasty Curry Mutton, flavorful rice, and yummy wings to satisfy your cravings.

  • Coke Combo
Coke Combo Type Price
One Full Chicken with Nasi Lemak plus Two Coke RM 63.80
F1 Rice and Full Leg with One Vege RM 19.90
F2 Rice plus Full Leg with Vege and Egg RM 21.80
F5 Rice and One Sambal Sotong with Vege RM 21.90
F6 Rice + One Mutton Curry + only Vege RM 23.90
  • Main Courses
Main Courses Type Price
Bundle Meal RM 60.00
Fried Chicken Wing Bucket RM 29.30
F1 Rice plus One Drumstick and Vege RM 17.90
F2 Rice with Drumstick and Vege + Egg RM 19.80
  • F3 Chee Cheong Fun add with special Drumstick
  • F7 Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng
RM 18.80
F5 Rice plus Sambal Sotong with Vege RM 19.90
  • A La Carte
A La Carte Type Price
Rice RM 2
Chee Cheong Fun RM 4.90
LFC Drumstick RM 12.90
LFC Chicken Wing (1 piece) RM 4.90
Sambal Sotong RM 28
Curry Mutton RM 30
Crispy Fried Full Chicken RM (36) to RM (46)
LFC Sambal Can RM 15
Fried Prawn RM 29
  • Beverages
Beverages Type Price
  • Konjac Milk Tea
  • Coffee
  • Matcha Latte
  • Brown Sugar Konjac Ginger Tea
  • Cranberry Collagen Tea
  • Konjac Red Dates Tea
RM 9.90
Signature Ice Coffee RM 5.90
  • Menu Rahmah
Menu Rahmah RM 4.90
  • Spicy Black Series
Spicy Black Series Type Price
Black Whole Leg RM 13.90
Whole Chicken RM 39
Wings 3pcs Combo RM 15.90

Yummy Fried Chicken Wing Bucket

Lim Fried Chicken Review

Most visitor loves Lim’s Classic Fried Chicken. It’s crunchy outside, soft inside, and tastes just right real comfy food. It’s always popular and never gets old. Even if you do not eat meat, the vegan choices here are really yummy.

You won’t feel like you’re missing out on meat. If you like easy to eat chicken, try their Crispy Chicken Tenders. Their review tell out the further quality.

  • SS15 Outlet Rating: “4.1” after 815 feedback on google
  • SS2 Outlet Rating: 4.1 after 1,102 feedbacks

Lim Fried Chicken Contact Number

City Contact Number
Selangor 60 19-996 6789
Bandar Puteri 60 3-8052 2065
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur 60 3-9054 3824

The Lim Fried Chicken Menu for 2024 shows it’s a great place to eat because it has good prices. They make a lot of different dishes very carefully to make sure they are really good quality. The place looks and feels nice and cozy, so you will have good eating there. Try Lim Fried Chicken as their yummy food will make you want to come back and eat there again.

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