Inside Scoop Menu 2023 Price Malaysia

The name clearly reflects the intention of this cafe, and undoubtedly, they excel in it. Every of the ice cream flavor from Inside Scoop menu 2023 is special in such price. Because of this, they grow well and their nealry forty branches are now serving in Malaysia and they all followed same menu and products. From Madagascar Vanilla to the Salted Gula Melaka, and Cookies Cream or any else scoop of ice cream is properly prepared with such natural things that gave original taste of related fruit or else item.

Inside Scoop Menu 2023 Price Malaysia

Yes, the 2023 Inside Scoop menu in Malaysia offers more than just delicious flavors; it’s about providing a complete experience, complete with pricing information. Every lick or bite of ice cream is a wonderful balance between being affordable and feeling luxurious.

  • Pints
  • Gong cha taro ICE Cream, with White Pearl
  • Durian
  • Valrhona Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate Butterscotch
  • Unicorn
  • Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Rocher
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake
  • Coffee Almond Fudge


RM 34
Twin pack RM 68

Inside Scoop Cake Menu with Price:

Like the ice cream, they are up to best in making the cakes. Further, they add many of ice cream cakes in the Inside Scoop menu with few of simple and cheese. For rates, table is:

Cakes Type Price
4 piece Ice Cream Mooncake Box RM 135
2 piece Ice Cream Mooncake Box (Box A) RM 73
2 piece Ice Cream Mooncake Box (Box B) RM 73
Hazelnut Orange Cake RM 143
Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake RM 143
Rocher Ice Cream Cake RM 143
Birthday Sprinkle Ice Cream Cake RM 119
Little Daisy Ice Cream Cake RM 99
Rose Ice Cream Cake RM 99
Bombe Alaska Ice Cream Cake RM 99
Signature Ice Cream Cake (Valrhona Chocolate + Vanilla Bean) RM 149
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake RM 149
Rubber Ducky Cake RM 143
A Mermaid’s Tale Ice Cream Cake RM 149
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Inside Scoop Malaysia Contact Number:

By contacting any of Inside Scoop Malaysia branch, one will inquire any of info that missed here. They are active an welcome everyone too.

Inside Scoop Malaysia Contact Number
Damansara Jaya 60 3-7490 7735
Bandar Menjalara 60 3-6262 8735
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur 60 3-9054 0713
Selangor 60 3-8081 4735
Bandar Utama 60 3-7622 1735

Certainly, Inside Scoop menu in 2023 remains a special place for those who want unique and amazing treats. So, come and enjoy the flavors that will stay with you long after you have had the last spoon. Their pricing criteria is also very appropriate that make it affordable too.

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