Dubuyo Menu Price 2023 Malaysia

Loving to create tasty food and making it a must to establish a great food point. Whole of the Dubuyo Menu 2023 Malaysia is prepared thoughtfully and they also take care of price in it too. They tried that their customer feel confident in them and savor meal, understanding that it’s cooked by someone professional. Furthermore, despite the Korean specialty, they make sure that every used ingredient is halal. And there are few food point working on this concept.

Dubuyo Menu Price 2023 Malaysia

In country like malaysia, Dubuyo Menu 2023 showcases a tempting selection of dishes in such price that range from the exquisitely familiar to the delightfully unexpected. Whether you like classic Bibimbap or keen to taste the intricate flavors of Korean-style Mixed Rice Bowl Tofu, their menu invites that leave a lasting impression.

  • Mmm mazing ChewieYo
Spicy ChewieYo with Crispy Chikin Set RM 25.90
Spicy ChewieYo with Smoked Duck Set RM 28.90
Café Matcha A La Carte RM 14.90
So-berry Matcha A La Carte RM 14.90
Red Choco Matcha A La Carte RM 14.90
  • Street Food Snacks
Spicy Tteokkochi RM 11.50
Cheesy Milky Tteokkochi RM 11.50

Dubuyo Soondubu Jigae

The stew often incorporates a variety of vegetables, making it a relatively nutritious choice. Tofu is a good source of protein, and the inclusion of vegetables provides vitamins and minerals.

Soondubu Jigae RM 17.20
Kimchi Soondubu Jigae RM 20.20
Combo Soondubu Jigae RM 21.70
Vegetable Soondubu Jigae RM 16.20
Cheese Soondubu Jigae RM 20.20
  • Korean Gogi
Beef Honey Garlic Bulgogi RM 22.90
Chicken Honey Garlic Bulgogi RM 20.65
Korean Spicy Wings RM 22.90
Buldak Wings RM 22.90
MayoYo Wings RM 22.90
  • Urban Favourites
Beef Bibimbap RM 21.90
Chicken Bibimbap RM 20.90
Beef Cheese Bibimbap RM 23.90
Chicken Cheese Bibimbap RM 22.90
Vegetable Bibimbap RM 16.15
Spicy Seafood Ramyeon RM 21.10
Jajangmyeon RM 17.40
Honey Bulgogi Chicken Ramyeon RM 17.90
Chikin Pabkon Ramyeon RM 17.90
  • Beverages
Green Tea RM 4.20
Roasted Barley Tea RM 4.20
Mineral Water RM 4.00
Ginger Tea RM 7.95
Citron Tea RM 7.95
Aloe Vera Punch RM 7.95
Peach Tea RM 7.95
Pepsi Black RM 6.55

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Dubuyo Contact Number:

They have only selected outlets in this country. Therefore, to taste them, arrange a visit to KL. Before coming you may get help from their Dubuyo contact number as well.

Dubuyoa Contact Number
Mid Valley City 03-22878980

Like many of other restaurant they never mix things together in Dubuyo menu that is again a plus point of them. Normally, their prices also remain unchanged throughout a year. So, if you are from Kuala Lumpur and not visit there then you missed something very tasty.

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