Madam Croffle Menu Price, Halal, Review

Checking out different foods is a lot of fun, especially when you find a special place that really pleases your flavor detectors and makes you want to eat more. Madam Croffle is one of those places, and it has really changed the food world with its amazing mix of flavors. Now is a great time to look closely at what makes this restaurant stand out. We are going to talk about how much their food costs, see if they follow Halal rules, and share some thoughts about people’s great time there.

Madam Croffle Menu Price

Moreover, Madam Croffle’s menu is really something special in the world of food, turning regular meals into amazing eating experiences. The main attraction here is the Croffle, which is a tasty mix of a croissant and a waffle. It’s made perfectly with a light and flaky texture but also just enough crunch.


Croffle Type Price
Original Madam RM 7.90
Special RM 10.90
Premium RM 11.90

Promotion Set

Set Promotion Set Type Price
A One Premium + Bingsu RM 19.90
B Five + One Free Original Madam Croffle RM 39.50
C Two Premium + One Bingsu RM 30.90
D One Ice Blended + One Original Croffle RM 17.90

Croffle Sandwich

Croffle Sandwich Type Price
  • Egg Mayo
  • Tuna Mayo
  • Egg Mayo + Tuna Mayo
RM 13.90
  • Spicy Egg Mayo
  • Spicy Tuna Mayo
  • Spicy Egg Mayo + Tuna Mayo
RM 14.90


Ice Blended Type Price
  • Lotus Cream Coffee
  • Dark Mocha
  • Double Rich Chocolate 
  • Green Tea Jeju Matcha
RM 11


Yogurt Smoothie Type Price
Plain Yogurt Smoothie RM 11.90
  • Strawberry / Mango / Blueberry
  • Cloud Yogurt Smoothie
RM 13.90


Dolce Latte Type Price
  • Choco
  • Matcha
  • Strawberry
RM 11.90


Bingsu Type Price
  • Teh Tarik
  • Chocolate
  • Taro
  • Coffee
  • Matcha
RM 11.90


Madam Croffle Menu Halal

Eating out can be hard when you follow a Halal diet, but Madam Croffle makes it easy. They make sure that everyone can enjoy their delicious food without any worries. The restaurant clearly shows that it is Halal certified, which makes Muslim customers feel confident about eating there. They are committed to following Halal rules for everything on the menu, ensuring that all the ingredients used are okay according to Islamic food laws.

Madam Croffle Review

If you want something tasty and refreshing, you have to try the Berries and Cream Croffle. It’s a wonderful mix of sweet, juicy berries and rich cream on top of a perfectly made croffle, giving you a burst of amazing and exciting flavors. It’s like a dessert but great for breakfast, and it’s so good that you’ll definitely want more.

Source Rating Total Reviews
Top-Rated 4.60 44

Madam Croffle Contact Number

City Contact Number
55100 Kuala Lumpur 60 17-659 5453
Selangor 60 17-234 8087
Jalan Cochrane 60 17-659 5453

So, Madam Croffle’s menu really makes it a great place to eat, and it deserves all the good words people say about it. It has a big menu with something for everyone, prices that are affordable, and it follows Halal rules closely, making everyone feel welcome. The food has strong flavors and interesting textures, and every time you visit, you get to try something new and exciting.

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