Richeese Factory Menu Malaysia Price, Outlet, Review

At Richeese Factory, they make eating a special and fun experience, not just a way to fill your stomach. They add art and care to cooking and serving meals. Right when you enter any of their restaurants, you find yourself in a friendly and pretty place, setting you up for an exciting meal. They work hard to make sure each dish is top notch and delicious, earning them a spot as a favorite among food lovers throughout Malaysia. Closely examines everything Richeese Factory in Malaysia has on its menu. We discuss their pricing, tell you where you can find their locations, and provide a review that is sure to get you interested in their food.

Richeese Factory Menu Malaysia Price

The Richeese Factory menu in Malaysia is really special because it mixes the best parts of Indonesian and Western foods. Whether you like chicken or burgers, they have a wide variety of choices to make you happy. What is surprising and great about Richeese Factory is that even though the food tastes amazing and they use really good ingredients, the prices are still very low and easy to afford.

Ala Carte

Ala Carte Type Price
BBQ Sauce RM 3.49
Cheese Sauce RM 2.49
  • Two Piece Fire Flying ChickenĀ 
  • Two Piece Richicken
RM 16.99
  • Five Piece Fire Flying ChickenĀ 
  • Five Piece Richicken
RM 34.99
Two Piece Fire Chicken RM 18.99

Combo Favorite

Combo Favorite Type Price
One Fire Chicken RM 16.99
Two Fire Chicken RM 23.99
Three Fire Chicken RM 32.99
Five Fire Chicken RM 50.99

Burger & Chicken

Burger & Chicken Type Price
  • Burchic RB – Beef
  • Burchic FB – Chicken
RM 24.49
Burchic RB – Chicken RM 23.49
Burchic FB – Beef RM 25.49

Rich Burger

Rich Burger Type Price
Rich Burger + Beef RM 16.49
Fire Burger + Beef RM 17.49
Set Fries Rich Burger + Beef RM 21.49
Set Fries Fire Burger Beef RM 22.49

Combo Special

Combo Special Type Price
  • One Richicken
  • One Fire Flying Chicken
  • Five Fire Flying Chicken
RM 14.49
Three Richicken RM 25.99
Two Fire Flying ChickenĀ  RM 20.99

Side Dish / Dessert

Side Dish / Dessert Type Price
French Fries RM 6.99
Plain Rice RM 2.19
Fire Chicken Rice RM 5.99
Mashed Potato RM 5.49
Cheesy Cream Soup RM 3.99

Rich Burger + Beef

Richeese Factory Outlet

Richeese Factory has placed its restaurants cleverly all around Malaysia, making sure you can always find a tasty meal easily. Whether you are in the busy areas of Kuala Lumpur and Putra Bayu or in the lively place of Selangor, there is always a Richeese Factory nearby to satisfy your hunger for good food.

Richeese Factory Contact Number

City Contact Number
Kuala Lumpur 60 11-3732 6038
Putra Bayu 60 3-7733 1355

Richeese Factory Review

All the food at Richeese Factory is really tasty. They mix special spices and lots of cheese in their recipes, which makes the food great for everyone. Whether you like light or strong flavors, you’re sure to find something you enjoy.

Source Rating Total Reviews
Tripadvisor 4.0 4

Therefore, Richeese Factory stands out as an ideal spot for culinary aficionados in search of an unforgettable dining adventure. Offering an extensive menu that appeals to a variety of preferences, paired with reasonable pricing, easily accessible venues, and a cozy atmosphere, Richeese Factory has truly created itself as a distinguished dining destination in Malaysia.

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