Menate Menu and Price, Location

In recent times, Menate is a great place to eat because they have delicious food. Through its thoughtfully curated Menate Menu and Price, convenient location, and tranquil ambiance, Menate emerges as a must visit destination for fervent food enthusiasts. If you are in wait of a special dining experience that has good food, does not cost too much, and has a nice atmosphere, Menate is the best choice for you.

Menate Menu and Price

Moreover, Menate offers an excellent dining experience, boasting a diverse selection of delectable dishes. They offer a wide menu with options like tasty, pasta, steaks, gourmet burgers, and hearty salads. Menate Menu and Price is known for serving excellent food. It’s a perfect choice for food lovers.

  • Starters
Garlic Bread RM 5.00
Brocolli Fritters RM 17.90
Mushroom Soup with Garlic RM 7.90
  • TSO Chessy Chicken
  • Bruschetta Con Funghi
RM 25.90
  • Salads
Peri Peri Chicken Salad RM 23.90
Caesar Salad RM 17.90
  • Beef Wet – Aged
US Angus Striploin RM 66.00
Angus Striploin RM 48.60
S.Premium Grain Striploin RM 39.20
  • Beef Dry – Aged
Grain Fed OP Ribs RM 39.50
Angus OP Rib RM 46.00
Wagyu OP Ribs RM 95.00
  • Lobster and Seafood
Fish and Chips RM 39.90
  • Roasted Seabass
  • Seabass with Creamy Lemon Capers
  • Seabass with Orange Glaze
RM 9.60
  • Menate Salmon

Many individuals savor the taste of the salmon menu due to its delectable flavor, adaptability in various culinary preparations, abundance in healthful attributes, nutrient rich composition, and cultural significance, among an array of other compelling factors.

Air Flown Salmon RM 69.90
  • Salmon Herb Crusted
  • Salmon with Creamy Lemon Capers
  • Salmon Pistachio Crusted
RM 75.90
  • Pasta
Beef / Chicken Carbonara RM 22.91
Arrabiata RM 19
Beef Aglio e Olio RM 16.92
Smoked Duck Breast Aglio e Olio RM 27.90
Seafood Aglio e Olio RM 28.90
  • Burger
Wagyu Burger RM 53.90
Lamb Burger RM 38.90
Angus Burger RM 43.90
Salmon Fillet Burger RM 87.90
Cheezy Chicken Burger RM 26.90
  • Sandwiches
Chicken Schnitzel RM 20.90
Lamb Quesadillas RM 32.90
Coney Beef RM 23.90
  • Roasted Chicken
Roasted Chicken RM 22.90
Peri-Peri Chicken RM 33.90
Spring Chicken (Roasted or BBQ) RM 29.90
  • Pizza
Pollo Con Funghi Pizza RM 28.90
  • Hawaiian Pizza
  • Beef Pepperoni Pizza
RM 21.90
Tuna Pizza RM 27.90
  • Asian Cuisines
  • Me’nate Nasi Kerabu Beef Ribs
  • Teriyaki Salmon Rice
RM 79.90
Mantou BBQ Beef Ribs RM 39.90
Premium Steak Danok RM 103.90
  • Tapas
Tex Mex Chicken RM 17.90
Gambas Al Ajillo RM 45.90

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  • Carbonara with Sausages
  • Bolognese with Sausages
  • Aglio e Olio with Sausages


RM 10
  • Meatball with Wedges
  • Meatball with Curly Fries
  • Meatball with Fries
  • Kids Box (A)
  • Kids Box (B)
RM 37.60
  • Group Steak
Set (A) RM 570
Set (B) RM 770
  • Sides
Coleslaw RM 5
Fries RM 8.50
Curly Fries RM 11
Wedges RM 9
Onion Rings RM 10

Tasty Lamb Burger

Menate Location

This spot is even more attractive because of where it’s situated. It’s tucked away in a quiet spot, which makes it a nice break from the busy city life. The calm environment and cozy atmosphere make it a great place for a special and enjoyable dining experience.

Menate Contact Number

City Contact Number
Selangor 60 3-5523 3493
53300 Kuala Lumpur 60 3-4131 1611
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur 60 3-4265 2445

Indulge in a delightful voyage featuring an array of delectable dishes. Whether you really love steak or just want a great meal, Menate will make you happy. You can make a reservation today and enjoy the wonderful experience waiting for you at this secret, special place.

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