Sugarbun Menu Price List, Malaysia Outlet

With many traditional meals, Malaysia’s has also excellent fast food, Sugarbun, has got a loyal fanbase thanks to its tasty dishes and low cost rates. After discovering their main items and their charges, one must get a motivation to go this place? Step right in! Just view the Sugarbun Menu Price Directory, set to spark your eat curiosity. They are growing well and mix up thing in best possible way.

Sugarbun Menu Price List

Whetting your appetite with tantalizing selections, we open the Sugarbun Menu Price List that assist you in selecting dish before the visit. A hallmark of Sugarbun is its affordability. Here is the pricing for some of their signature dishes.

  • Lak Lak Chicken
W1 Lak Lak Chicken RM 11.95
  • W2 Lak Lak Chicken
  • W3 Lak Lak Chicken
RM 18.50
W5 Lak Lak Chicken RM 20.75
  • Specialty Sauce
  • Sabasco Sweet & Spicy
  • Sabasco Original
  • Sabasco Green Hot
  • Sabasco A1 Tok Sai
10.19 RM
  • Broasted Chicken
Broasted Chicken RM 6.80
  • Kano Meals
1 Pc Chicken, Savoury Rice & Fresh Pickles RM 14.05
2 Pcs Chicken, Savoury Rice & Fresh Pickles RM 20.65
  • Sugarbun Asian Cuisine

Numerous Asian dishes offer a balance of flavors sweet, sour, spicy, salty, and umami. This complexity can make the dishes especially tantalizing and memorable.

Chicken Mushroom

Chicken Curry

RM 17.55
Beef Stew RM 18.60
Assam Fish RM 20.35
Sambal Eco Fish RM 24.10
Nasi Lemak Classic RM 7.25
Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken RM 13.30
  • Kids Combo
  • Kids Combo A
  • Kids Combo B
RM 11.95
Kids Combo C RM 13.00
  • Burgers
Beef Burger RM 5.40
Cheese Burger RM 6.45
Chicken Burger RM 6.55
Swinger Burger

Fish Burger

RM 11.75
Chicken Sandwich RM 8.30
Double Swinger Burger RM 16.40
  • Coke with Meals
2 Pcs Broasted Chicken RM 17.70
1 Pc Broasted Chicken + 1 Pc Fish Fillet RM 22.55
Fish Burger 1 Pc RM 17.05
  • Side Orders
Chickies RM 8.30
Fish Fillet RM 9.70
French Fries RM 6.55
  • Mashed Potato
  • Savoury Rice
RM 4.05
Cheese Wedges RM 7.80
Fragrant Rice RM 2.55
Fresh Pickles RM 3.65
Coleslaw RM 4.30
Pedas Sauce RM 3.30
Cheesy Dip RM 3.15

Delicious Chicken Curry

Sugarbun Malaysia Outlet

Visit the nearest Sugarbun Malaysia outlet and enjoy delicious food with good company. Join the many people who love coming to Sugarbun for great taste and fun.

Sugarbun Contact Number

City Contact Number
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur 60 3-2602 9599
Sarawak 60 13-827 3073
Petra Jaya 60 82-646 610

Whole Sugarbun menu price list is good for the quality you get. It offers a great meal experience. They have many options and always give the best quality. Every food fan should visit Sugarbun. Sample their new food now; you will guaranteedly like it.

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