Mokti Ice Cream Menu Price, Owner

If you really love ice cream, you will understand how excited you can get when you hear about Mokti Ice Cream. It’s like a magical place full of delicious ice cream flavors that will make you feel like you’re in dessert paradise. We will show you their Mokti Ice Cream menu price, tell you about their yummy creations, and introduce you to the person who created this amazing ice cream shop.

Mokti Ice Cream Menu Price

The Mokti Ice Cream menu price has lots of different ice cream flavors to choose from, both old favorites and new exciting ones, so there’s something for everyone. When you walk into their comfy shops, you will smell the yummy ice cream right away. They have lots of choices on their menu to make sure everyone finds something they like.

  • Mokti’s Desserts
Mokti’s Desserts Type Price
  • Waffle Kaya Kampung
  • Matcha
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Biscoff
  • Classic Waffle
RM 10.30
Kuki Waffle RM 11.80
Mokti’s Quky RM 25
  • Soft Served Ice Cream
Soft Served Ice Cream Type Price
  • Apong Baby Bob
  • Mixed Pandan
RM 15
  • Honeycomb
  • Mixed Pandan Honeycomb
RM 19
  • Apong Asli
  • Mixed Pandan
RM 9
  • Popsicles
Popsicles Type Price
  • Sea Salt
  • Pandan Apong
  • Gula Apong Asli
RM 4.50
  • Chocolate
  • Asam Boi
  • Bandung Indonesia
RM 1.50
  • Double Chocolate
  • Creamy Corn
RM 3.00
  • Tub Ice Cream
Tub Ice Cream Type Price
  • Gula Apong Asli
  • Pandan Apong
  • Chocolate Mint
RM 15
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Durian Power
RM 12
Durian D24 RM 18
  • Mokti’s Special Blend
Mokti’s Special Blend Type Price
Mokti’s Latte RM 14
Machiapong RM 15
Strawberry Apong RM 18
Foggy Apong RM 11

Delicious Ice cream

Mokti Ice Cream Owner

The person who owns Mokti Ice Cream, Siti Fatimah Adnan, began their creative journey because they had a dream and a strong love for making delicious frozen desserts. They were determined and had a special skill for coming up with one of a kind flavors. They worked hard to make high quality ice cream that was even better than what people expected. Along the way, they faced difficulties and obstacles, but overall, their journey was definitely very enjoyable and sweet.

Mokti Ice Cream Contact Number

City Contact Number
Perlis 60 10-835 4104
Kedah 60 17-482 3027
Selangor 60 11-6552 1988

Mokti Ice Cream is a fantastic place to get ice cream. Mokti Ice Cream menu price and the owner has some really cool ideas. They make sure that the ice cream is always really good, and they come up with unique flavors. So, every time you go there, you will have a tasty adventure trying different ice cream flavors.

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