Nasken Coffee Menu Price, Review

Since long, this is a great place for coffee lovers who want delicious coffee with spending economical amount. Further, the Nasken Coffee Menu Price with review give you an idea that which is yours favorite item in it. They have a variety of tasty coffee options and a comfortable atmosphere that will make your visits special. Their grill and bakery products are also satisfactory is taste. So, these are an additional choice with coffee or cake.

Nasken Coffee Menu Price

Now, elaborate the Nasken Coffee Menu Price. They offer many type of coffee beverages and snacks at reasonable rates. Their menu features classic espresso based drinks, along with some inventive and distinctive choices. Additionally, they provide a variety of pastries and other snacks for you to savor.

  • Western Food
Tom yam pasta RM 19
Chicken aglio e olio RM 18
Chicken grill RM 19
Carbonara RM 18
Lamb chop grill RM 29
Seafood aglio olio RM 19
Spaghetti bolognese RM 18
  • Light Bites
Fries RM 8
Cheesy Meatballs RM 17
Mushroom Soup With Garlic Bread RM 10
  • Coffee
  • Latte Classic Hazelnut
  • Latte Classic Rose
  • Latte Almond
  • Latte Roasted Hazelnut
  • Mocha
  • Latte Caramel Macchiato
  • Latte Classic Caramel
  • Latte Classic Vanilla
RM 12
Cappuccino RM 11
Espresso Double Shot RM 8
Latte Biscoff RM 18
Americano RM 9
Latte RM 11
  • Non Coffee
  • Honey Lemon
  • English Breakfast Tea
  • Lemon Tea
RM 9
Biscoff Frappe RM 17
Chocolate RM 12
Earl Grey Tea RM 9
Passionfruit Tea Sparkler RM 12
Watermelon Mojito RM 13
Passionfruit Mojito RM 13
  • Kucate
Kucate Superwoman RM 12
  • Kucate Happy Tummy
  • Kucate Beau-tea
  • Kucate Stress Free
  • Kucate Habbatus Sauda & Lemon
RM 11

Or Taste:

  • Nc Bakery Cake:
  • Chilled Chocolate Cheese Cake
  • Chilled Blueberry Cheese
  • Chilled Oreo Cheese
RM 17
Red Bean Donut RM 6.50
  • Biscoff Burnt Cheese Cake
  • Chilled Biscoff Cheese
  • Premium Biscoff
  • Nutella Burnt Cheese
RM 18.20
Burnt Cheese Cake RM 15.60
  • Pandan Gula Melaka Cake
  • Premium Red Velvet Cake
  • Chilled Mango Cheese
  • Nutty Nutella
  • Premium Oreo
RM 17
Xl Ring Donut RM 7.80
Brownies Dip N Dip RM 11.70
  • Malay Cuisine
Nasi Lemak RM 6

People like to drink tea

Nasken Coffee Review

Moreover, Nasken Coffee Menu Price is getting a lot of praise from people who visit. They like the friendly baristas and the comfortable atmosphere. People can’t get enough of the delicious espressos and creative lattes. The general agreement is that Nasken is the best spot for excellent coffee and welcoming Surroundings.

  • As per Google: 4.2 Review rating
  • According to Facebook: Not Shown

Nasken Coffee Contact Number

City Contact Number
Kelantan 60 19-779 9608
Kota Bharu 60 9-743 5566
Terengganu 60 19-791 9608

At the end we can say that Nasken Coffee menu price, review is a great spot for coffee. They have much to choose from, all at affordable prices. They also provide inviting vibes, creating the ideal setting to relax and savor a coffee break.

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