Tealive Menu 2023 Price Malaysia, Reviews

Before we elaborate the delicious Tealive menu 2023, let’s initially talk about why Tealive is known for being really good and creative. Almost a decade ago, Tealive started this journey and has always worked hard to give Malaysians the best tea moments. They really love tea and have made a big menu with lots of different tastes to make everyone satisfied.

Tealive Menu 2023 Price Malaysia

A great tea time would not be perfect without tasty sides. The Tealive Menu 2023 with the price in Malaysia has many unique types of teas in different styles. You should not pass up on the Coco or the delightful Matcha Latte. Further, look at the menu and discover all the flavorful options.

  • Tealive New Strawberry Series
Strawberry Pearl Smoothie RM 13.90
Strawberry Pearl Milk Tea RM 11.80
  • Tealive Signature Bang Bang
  • Milk Tea with Brown Sugar
  • Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar
  • Bang Bang Chocolate with Brown Sugar
RM 10.60
  • Tealive Milk Tea
Original Pearl Milk Tea RM 9.50
Classic Roasted Milk Tea with Grass Jelly RM 9.50
Black Diamond Roasted Milk Tea RM 10.70
Hazelnut RM 9.60
Malty Milk Tea (Horlicks) RM 9.60
Signature RM 8.30
Original RM 8.10
Signature Brown Sugar Pearl RM 9.60
Classic Roasted RM 8.10
  • Aren Palm Sugar
Silky Original Pearl Milk Tea with Borneo Palm Sugar RM 11.80
  • Coco
Signature Coco RM 9.50
Hazelnut Coco RM 9.60
Coco Latte RM 10.10
Malty Coco (Horlicks) RM 10.10
  • Nishio Fine Matcha
Nishio Fine Matcha with Brown Sugar Warm Pearls RM 13.10
Nishio Fine Matcha Latte RM 12.10
  • Fruit Tea
  • Sparkling Mango Tea with Chia Seed or 3Q Jelly
  • Passion Fruit Tea
  • Lemonade Tea with Chia Seed Or 3Q Jelly
  • Lychee Tea with Chia Seed Or 3Q Jelly
  • Plum Tea with Chia Seed Or 3Q Jelly
  • Iced Plum Cooler
RM 9.80
Honey Lemon with Aloe Vera RM 10.30
  • Crafted Tea
Jasmine Green Tea RM 8.50
  • A La Carte – Eats
Chicken Roll Banjir RM 11.90

Drink Milk Tea

Tealive Menu Reviews

Yes, Tealive is where you like to meet up with my friends. One also likes that they take special care of healthier items. Just like, the Lychee Fruit Tea is not only delicious but also a guilt free option, which people really appreciate.

On google Reviews bases, their rating is:

  • Petaling Jaya, Selangor: 4.3
  • Tealive Sri Petaling Branch: 3.9
  • Johor: 4.4

Tealive Contact Number

Shop Contact Number
Everyone 60 12-289 8581

Or Taste:

From all aspects, Tealive 2023 menu is greatly conclude, and it is not cost you a lot. They always serve a strong love for tea, making them the preferred choice for tea followers in Malaysia. Their creativity in this line make them now the big name and they deserve it.

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