Nippon Sushi Menu Price Malaysia

In Selangor state, Nippon Sushi restaurant is open in 9 different locations with the same menu and price. All recipes are delicious and tasteful at affordable prices. The latest Nippon Sushi Menu Price Malaysia has been issued by the hotel management given. Multiple Chinese and traditional Malaysian food introduce on this platform.

Nippon Sushi Menu Price Malaysia

Due to well reputation, everyone wants to visit the Nippon Sushi food point which exists under the territory of Selangor. Complete Nippon Sushi Menu Price Malaysia is available and the main food categories of this hotel are listed below.

  • Zensai
  • Salada
  • Temaki
  • Sashimi Moriawase
  • Sashimi
  • Makimono
  • Alacarte
  • Yakimono
  • Agemono
  • Gohan
  • Menrui
  • Gozen
  • Teppanyaki
  • Dezato
  • Nomimono


Chuka Kurage RM 8.78
Chuka Wakame RM 7.14
Sembeh Salmon Salted Egg RM 18.02
Flossy Salmon Skin RM 16.15
Gyuniku Roll RM 17.43
Edamame RM 6.08
Ko-Ebi Karaage RM 12.05
Kamo RM 16.61
Ebi Gyoza RM 15.80
Chicken Gyoza Mentai RM 19.19
Chuka Hotate RM 8.78
Chukaa Idako RM 10.41
Seaweed with Salmon RM 10.30
Inari Enoki Roll RM 9.24
Hiyayakko RM 5.62
AP14 Agedashi Tofu RM 7.49
Dashimaki Tamago RM 7.14
Takoyaki Ball RM 11.12
Chicken Gyoza RM 14.98
  • Salada
Wakame Salad Sesame Dressing MR 13.81
Yasai Salad Sesame Dressing MR 12.05
Smoked Duck Sesame Dressing MR 21.65
Soft Shell Crab Sesame Dressing MR 26.68
Wakame Salad House Dressing MR 13.81
Yasai Salad House Dressing MR 12.05
Smoked Duck House Dressing MR 21.65
Soft Shell Crab House Dressing MR 20.68
  • Temaki
Shishamo Temaki MR 7.37
Ebi Ten Temaki MR 7.49
Salmon Temaki MR 7.49
Unagi Temaki MR 9.13
Lobster Salad Temaki MR 7.84
Soft Shell Crab Temaki MR 9.24
Salmon Ebiko Temaki MR 9.13
California Temaki MR 5.73
Maguro Mayo Temaki MR 5.73
  • Maki
California Maki RM 16.26
Cheesy Maki RM 14.04
Dragon Mentai Maki RM 26.33
Kani Beef Roll Vegetarian Maki RM 19.66
Salmon Mayo Maki RM 21.99
Crunchy Salmon Maki RM 17.90
Unaking Maki RM 46.57
Spider Maki RM 28.67
Volcano Maki RM 19.66
Fire Dragon Roll Maki RM 36.86
Una Ebi Roll Vegetarian Maki RM 19.66
Tempura Maki RM 15.56
Fire Spider Roll Maki RM 45.40
  • Code {AI1-A118}
Asari Karubi Sauce RM 23.05
Spider Pancake RM 27.96
Pancake Kaisen RM 16.15
Chessy Salmon Kama RM 24.34
Miso Soup Asari RM 9.13
Miso Soup RM 2.69
Shimeji Niku Beef With Mushroom RM 23.99
Shimeji Yasai Itame RM 12.64
Pancake Tamago RM 9.95
Stir-Fried Salmon Kama RM 19.66
Miso Soup Gyoza RM 9.13
Miso Soup Salmon RM 6.79
Crispy Duck(1/4) RM 31.36
Gyuniku Karubi Sauce Beef Karubi RM 29.13
  • Set {GZ02-GZ19}
Sushi To Tempura Set RM 29.13
Sushi To Saba Teriyaki Set RM 27.73
Sushi To Unagi Set RM 34.52
Udon To Torikatsu RM 22.82
Saba Teriyaki RM 21.76
Sanma Shioyaki RM 19.89
Sushi To Saba Shioyaki RM 27.73
Sushi To Tori Teriyaki RM 26.09
Udon To Temaki RM 22.82
Saba Shioyaki RM 21.76
Tempura Set RM 20.36
Sanma Teriyaki RM 19.89
  • Yaki
SHotate Mentaiyaki RM 16.15
Salmon Mentaiyaki RM 25.51
Salmon Teriyaki RM 24.34
Saba Teriyaki RM 18.14
Salmon Toro Teriyaki RM 34.52
Salmon Kama Teriyaki RM 18.49
Surume Ika RM 34.87
Yakitori Teriyaki RM 8.78
Sanma Shioyaki RM 15.68
Tori Niku Teriyaki RM 15.80
Roasted Chicken RM 16.50
Ebi Mentaiyaki RM 25.16
Salmon Shioyaki RM 24.34
Saba RM 18.14
Unagi Kabayaki RM 43.17
Salmon Kama RM 18.49
Surume Ika RM 34.87
Yakitori Shioyaki RM 8.78
Hotate Yaki RM 18.14
Sanma Teriyaki RM 15.68
Rib Eye Teriyaki RM 32.53
Shishamo RM 8.31
  • Karaage
Soft Shell Karaage RM 23.17
Shishamo Temoura RM 8.42
Ebi Tempura RM 14.98
Cheesy Tori Karaage RM 20.48
Salmon Furai RM 19.54
Tori Karaage RM 13.92
Shimeji Tempura RM 9.24
Ika Furai RM 8.78
Popcorn Shrimp Mentai RM 18.60
Surume Ika Karaage RM 34.87
Ebi Furai RM 15.91
Shirau Karaage RM 13.22
Yasai Tempura RM 8.78
Tempura Moriawase RM 20.48
Tori Karaage Mentai RM 16.85
Tori Katsu RM 13.92
Salmon Dumpling RM 13.92
Hotate Furai RM 11.23
Salmon Korokke RM 12.52

Nippon Sushi Menu Price Malaysia

  • Don
Ebi Curry Don RM 22.46
Salmon Furai Curry Don RM 27.85
Una Jyu RM 44.69
Shimeji Niku Jyu RM 23.99
Tori Karubi Jyu 19.89
Gyudon RM 21.88
Oyakodon RM 16.97
Hotate Toji Don RM 20.94
Salmon Teriyaki Don RM 27.50
Plain Rice RM 3.28
Spicy Salmon Fried Rice RM 18.60
Torikatsu Curry Don RM 21.29
Gyu Niku Curry Don RM 22.82
Yakiniku Jyu RM 22.82
Rib Eye Karubi Jyu RM 29.25
Ebi Tama Don RM 20.24
Torikatsu Don RM 19.66
Tendon RM 19.66
Tori Karaage Don RM 19.66
Tori Teriyaki Don RM 19.54
Niniku Chahan RM 12.87
Kaisen Chahan RM 19.77
Chicken Teppanyaki RM 23.60
Seafood Combo RM 33.11
Prawn Teppanyaki RM 33.11
Beef Teppanyaki RM 26.44
Salmon Teppanyaki RM 31.82
Party Set A RM 102.96
Party Set D RM 57.33
Party Set F RM 105.30
Party Set C RM 105.30
Party Set E RM 102.96
Vegs Vegs Vegetarian Set RM 57.33
  • Drinks
  • Coke
  • Ice Lemon Tea
  • Chrysanthemun Tea

RM 3.98 {Each}

Nippon Sushi Location

Names of all cities where Nippon branches are working and contact number to book online order or reserve a seat is mentioned.

Branch Name / City Contact Number
Kelana Jaya-Petaling Jaya 011-63357887
Klang 011-27781455
Shah Alam 011-63373433
Ampang 010-4548856
Kajang 017-9930390
Bandar Baru Bangi 01165679667
Batu Caves 010-5534423
Kota Damansara- Petaling Jaya N/A

Nippon Sushi Opening Hours

On all branches, Nippon Sushi opening time is 11:45 AM, and closing time is 10:00 PM. This restaurant is open 7 days a week.

Opening Time 11:45 AM
Closing Time 10:00 PM

In this restaurant, many Japanese dishes introduce which are tasteful. On the other hand, the kitchen where they cook delicious food is too clean because they are giving clean and hygienic food. You can take complete Nippon Sushi Menu Price Malaysia.

You can order online through the official webpage as well as they take orders on call. People who are finding in which cities they have opened branches so above table all branches name along with and contact number mentioned.

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