Salad Atelier Menu and Price, Locations

At different points in Malaysia, Salad Atelier opened and offer several types of food. The latest Salad Atelier Menu and Price available on a monthly basis give multiple promotions to the customers and they can save money. Moreover, this restaurant offers some Chinese and traditional Malaysian recipes. All food items’ prices are reasonable. Recently, food delivery services have been started but in selected areas. Before online order must confirm the delivery service that is available or not in your area.

Salad Atelier Menu

People who are interested to order or dining seeking Salad Atelier Menu. The main food items of Salad Atelier are written as well on all branches same menu is available.

  • Red is the New Green
  • Pasta & Soba
  • Lokal Delights
  • Go-to Salads
  • Go-to Wraps
  • Poke Bowls
  • Burger Temptation
  • Snacks
  • Smoothies
  • Coffee & Tea

Salad Atelier Menu Prices

The latest prices of the Salad Atelier that have been updated by them are also mentioned in the table. Have a look below and take all prices of food items.

  • Red is the New Green
Food Items Price
Zesty Salmon Soba RM 35.75
Mizuna Shrimp Poke RM 26.32
Kale Twist Salad RM 12.17
  • Pasta & Soba
Food Items Price
Pesto Pasta with Tandoori RM 23.77
Roasted Eggplants Soba RM 26.89
Green Curry Chicken Pasta RM 19.62
Cheesy Meatball Bolognese RM 15.94
Creamy Spices Spaghetti RM 19.62
Aglio Olio RM 16.51
  • Lokal Delights
Food Items Price
Nasi Lemak RM 17.12
Power Taufu Bowl RM 15.47
Tandoori Chicken Bowl RM 18.58
  • Go-to Salads
Sawadee Thai Salad RM 25.85
Kale Chicken Salad RM 26.89
Greek God RM 30.33
The Cartel RM 29.29
Tropical Thunder RM 25.14
  • Go-to Wraps
Thai Curry Wrap RM 21.70
Smoked Duck and Cheese Wrap RM 20.24
Garlic Shrimp Wrap RM 24.81
  • Poke Bowls
Grilled Salmon Poke RM 30.94
Shoyu Salmon Poke RM 24.81
The Monk Bowl RM 20.24
Green Cury Chicken Poke RM 20.66
Chicken Teriyaki Poke RM 21.27
Shoyu Tuna Poke RM 26.89
  • DIY Series
Rabbit Bowl RM 17.55
Leopard Bowl RM 21.70
Rabbit Wrap / Sandwich RM 16.70
Leopard Wrap / Sandwich RM 18.58

Salad Atelier

  • Burger Temptation
Hawaiian Burger {Chicken} RM 19.62
Burger Malaysia {Chicken} RM 16.51
Double Cheese Burger {Chicken} RM 19.62
  • Snacks
Fruity Wakame Salad RM 13.63
Avo Egg Paradise RM 11.13
Mini Steak RM 11.32
POPPING Kale Salad RM 9.90
Quack & Cheese RM 9.25
Chicken Potato Salad RM 10.28
Summer Avo Salad RM 11.32
Meatballs RM 8.40
Nachos with Topping RM 6.04
Japanese Snacks RM 6.04

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  • Smoothies
Avocado Smoothie RM 12.97
Avocado Mango Smoothie RM 14.43
Mango Yoghurt Smoothie RM 14.43
  • Coffee & Tea
Americano RM 8.21
Café Lette RM 9.34
Teas RM 6.60

Salad Atelier Locations

This restaurant starts working in different cities in Malaysia and has opened several restaurants in multiple locations which is exist on the table.

Branch Name / City Contact Number
The Intermark- Kuala Lumpur 0163331561
Avenue K- Selangor 0163321561
Paradigm Mall PJ- Selangor 0162141561
The Starling- Petaling Jaya 0167831561
Sunway Velocity- Sunway Velocity 0167831561
Red Q- Selangor N/A
1 Mont Kiara- Jalan Kiara 0106651561
KL Eco City-  KL Eco City 0143311561
Sunway Pyramid- Bandar Sunway 0162241561
Prima Avenue @ Cyberjaya- Cyberjaya 0183170992
Tropicana Gardens Mall- Petaling Jaya 0106621561
NU Sentral- Brickfields 0162411561
Setia City Mall- Shah Alam 0163201561
Exchange 106 @ TRX- Tun Razak Exchange 0164461561
Bukit Tinggi Klang- Klang 0164461561
Sri Petaling- Bandar Baru Seri Petaling 0167741561
Taman Megah- Petaling Jaya 0163101561
Taman Daya, TD Central- Taman Daya, TD Central 0163251561
Platinum Sentral KL- Jalan Stesen Sentral 0163211561
Bangsar South- Bangsar South 0163211561
Taylor’s Lakeside- Subang Jaya 0162531561
Cheras Leisure Mall- Taman Bukit Segar 0163671561
Rain Tree Rain- Kawasan Perusahaan Segambut 0167741561

People who are foodies and especially like the Salad Atelier now they are seeking the updated Salad Atelier Menu and Price. Moreover, this restaurant’s orders taking online while many other 3rd parties who deliver food to your doorstep like Food Panda contracted with them and deliver food to the customer’s doorstep. On some branches, they deliver food officially through their rider. But must ensure before an order is delivered service is available in your area.

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