Wakaka Menu 2023 Price in Malaysia

In Malaysia, some eateries specialize in beverages such as juices and coffee, among others. Wakaka Food Point stands out in this category, offering distinctive drinks crafted from unique recipes. The latest Wakaka Menu 2023 Price in Malaysia is here. Currently, their primary branch operates in Sungai Petani, but they offer door-to-door delivery via Foodpanda. Additionally, Wakaka Food Point frequently introduces various discount promotions.

Wakaka Menu 2023 Price in Malaysia

Recently, Wakaka added more drinks to their menu, but customers are unaware. Here is the updated Wakaka menu for 2023, complete with new prices.

  • Waffles
Original Waffle RM 5.01
  • Biscoff Frappe Series
  • Creamy Vanilla Biscoff Frappe
  • Choco Biscoff Frappe
  • Strawberry Biscoff Frappe
  • Mango Biscoff Frappe
RM 9.43
  • Shake Kaw Kaw Series
  • Cocoa Shake Kaw Kaw
  • Black Cocoa Shake Kaw Kaw
RM 7.02
  • Oreo Smoothie Series
  • Oreo Chocolate Smoothie
  • Oreo Vanilla Smoothie
RM 8.19
Oreo Cappuccino Smoothie RM 8.90
  • Premium Black Choc Series
Premium Black Choc Smoothie RM 8.19
Oreo Premium Black Choc Smoothie RM 9.43
  • Mix Frutti Smoothie Series
  • Green Apple Honeydew Smoothie
  • Mango Green Apple Smoothie
  • Mango Strawberry Smoothie
RM 7.74
  • Smoothies Series
Chocolate Smoothie RM 7.02
  • Coffee Smoothies Series
Coffee Smoothies Series RM 8.19

Delicious Oreo Chocolate Smoothie

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In the world of beverages, Wakaka stands out remarkably. The Wakaka Menu 2023 Prices in Malaysia showcase an extensive selection of traditional classics and innovative concoctions. Every beverage takes you on a journey through a harmonious blend of flavors.

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