Woodfire Menu 2023 and Price in Malaysia

This restaurant is happy about their talent in woodfire cooking and they have become really good at it. Yes, they are finding the right mix of smoky flavors and tasty tenderness. Each dish on Woodfire menu 2023 proves how dedicated they are to this kind of cooking and price of them is Malaysia is also for every class food lover. Although, their meal is bit of high cost but don’t think that its over expensive. If you have average income or with a bit saving; you can easily manage their food cost.

Woodfire Menu 2023 and Price in Malaysia

We believe that fine dining experiences should be accessible to everyone in Woodfire Malaysia. Moreover, Woodfire Menu 2023 and Price reflects their commitment to equality. They are improving themselves in very short time and now goes to perfection.

  • Gourmet Burger
Brisket Burger RM 38.90
Double Patty Mix RM 28.90
Mushroom Burger RM 22.90
Stuffed Cheese RM 19.90
Gourmet Burger RM 19.90
BBQ Burger RM 19.90
Smoked Burger RM 23.90
Double Patty Chicken RM 28.90

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Or more is:

  • Shakes
Milk Shake Approx. RM 13

Woodfire Platter Price:

For the meat lover, the Woodfire platter is like the life best meal. Even though, only three platter types in the menu but every of them is different from one another.

Smoked Lamb Rib RM 50
Smoked Chicken Platter RM 23.00
Smoked Brisket Platter RM 46.00
  • Sides
Cheesesteak (Beef) RM 18.90

enjoy with spicy burger

Woodfire Malaysia Contact Number:

With such selective menu, the progress of Woodfire Malaysia is simply impressive. For visit, their timing is from “12:00 PM” to till “9:30 PM” and for reservation, the number is:

Woodfire Contact Number
For Inquiry 6016 3255283

Some customers are probably wish to make Woodfire Malaysia menu 2023 more large but this is apparently difficult because they are focused on presently offered items. Maybe, they add few drinks or shakes because they are very limited in number. But again it’s up to them that what they think in improving menu and customers.

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