Dip N Dip Menu 2023 Price Malaysia

Attractiveness of Dip N Dip 2023 menu is a result of working together with experienced chocolate makers. It’s like a beautiful range that shows the true meaning of fancy desserts. Each of delight on the menu is made with right mixture of flavors, how it feels in the mouth, and how it looks all coming together to make you taste awesome. Apart from sweet items, different Quesadillas also offered by them.

Dip N Dip Menu 2023 Price Malaysia

As name Dip N Dip indicates that you can pick the type of chocolate you want, what you want to dip into it, and the toppings you like. Through this way, you can create a treat that’s completely unique to you. Yes, it’s a special point where you get to get dessert as a masterpiece.

Move on to the Dip N Dip menu 2023 price in Malaysia then they arrange some sharing bags that are good for group of people. While, their other cakes or coffees are also not much in high prices too.

  • Note: These prices of Dip N Dip Menu are approximate.

Chocolate Sharing Bag

Dipndip Authentic – Belgian Chocolate Bag RM 30
  • Dip N Dip Sharing Box
Extra Large Dip N Share Box RM 153
Large Dip N Share Box RM 105
  • Dip N Dip Pancakes
Sweet and Simple RM 25
Strawberry Banana Delight RM  31
Crunchy Chocolate Pancakes RM 35
Dipndip Pancakes RM 37
Speculoos Pancakes RM 43
  • Crepe
Crunchy Speculoos Crepe RM 31
Oh My S’mores RM 43
Banana Wrap Crepe RM 34
Mighty Speculoos Crepe RM 43
Mighty Oreo Crepe RM 43
Fettuccine Crepe RM 39
Triple Chocolate Crepe RM 28
  • Dip N Dip Chocolate Indulgence
Cream Puff Pyramid RM 38
Chocolate Brownie RM 26
Chocolate Crispy Crunch RM 21
Chocolate and Fruit Skewers RM 15
Waffles RM 28
dipndip Waffle RM 42
Crunchy Speculoos Waffle RM 33
Waffle Stick RM 18
Crunchy Oreo Waffle RM 37
  • Sides
Speculoos Shot RM 10
Seasonal Fruit Cup RM 28
Chocolate Shot RM 12

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  • Hot Chocolate
Dipndip Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate RM 18
  • Dip N Dip Waffle Quesadillas
Waffle Quesadillas – Chicken RM 31
Waffle Quesadillas – Beef RM 33
Waffle Quesadillas – Smoked Turkey and Cheese RM 30
Waffle Quesadillas – Pizza RM 25
  • Dip N Dip Mighty Milkshakes
  • Mighty Milkshakes – Strawberry
  • Speculoos
  • Chocolate Freezy
  • Brownies
  • S’mores
  • Cookies n Cream
RM 22
  • Coffee & Beverages
Product Name Price
Espresso (Solo) RM 6
Espresso (Lungo) RM 6
Espresso (Doppio) RM 8
Café Americano RM 11
Cappuccino RM 16
Caramel Macchiato Latte (Hot) RM 18
Classic Latte RM 14
Speculoos Latte RM 18
Coca-Cola RM 6
7up RM 6
Sparkling Water RM 9
Bottled Mineral Water RM 3
  • Dip N Dip Mojito
  • Mojito – Classic
  • Orange
  • Peach
  • Strawberry
  • Mixed Berries
  • Passion Fruit
RM 20
  • Fresh Juice
  • Orange Juice
  • Carrot Juice
  • Fruit Mix
RM 17

very beautiful make cake of them

Dip N Dip Malaysia Contact Number

If you travel to review their taste from any other city, then Dip N Dip Contact Number is best for getting aware about availability of your desired item.

City Contact Number
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur 60 3 2859 2500
Selangor 60 3 7498 1965
Johor 60 7 288 9316

The 2023 menu of Dip N Dip is an invitation to explore the beauty of sweet aromas that define each creation. So, at least once come and indulge in the magic of Dip N Dip Malaysia and let free the buds in sweet world. They also expand their shops net work that is also good to reach more easily.

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