Wanomiya Wagyu Restaurant Kuala Lumpur Menu with Price, Reviews

The things you can choose to eat at this place are like a prime food. The people who made the Wanomiya Wagyu restaurant Kuala Lumpur Menu really cared about showing how tasty and unique Wagyu beef is. This special meat is famous around whole world. They also make Wagyu sushi very carefully, and it’s different and best. Whenever you go to Wanomiya, you will preferred the wonderful taste of Wagyu that they probably import now.

Wanomiya Wagyu Restaurant Kuala Lumpur Menu

The price they set for Wanomiya Wagyu Restaurant Kuala Lumpur Menu is seems to be fair because of really high quality and careful preparation that goes into each dish. Still you can try their amazing beef without spending all your money.

  • Wanomiya Wagyu Restaurant Teppanyaki Set
Salmon Set RM 48
Chicken Set RM 38
King Prawn Set RM 58
Seafood Set RM 88
A5 Miyazaki Set RM 198
  • Wanomiya Wagyu Donburi Set
Ebi Ten Don RM 35
Chicken Teriyaki Don RM 30
Wano Gyu Don RM 48
Tori Katsu Don RM 28
Wagyu Curry Don RM 48
Unagi Kabayaki Set RM 48
  • Yakiniku Individual Set
Lion Set RM 168
  • Akami Set
  • Moriawase Set
RM 128
  • Yakimono Set
Saba Yaki RM 25
Shake Kabuto RM 30
  • Salmon
  • Salmon Niku Yaki
RM 35

Or try:

  • Next is Agemono Set
Tori Katsu Nanban RM 28
Tori Karaage RM 20
Tempura Moriawase RM 38
  • Sashimi Don Set
Salmon & Ikura Don RM 68
Salmon & Tuna Don RM 98
Engawa Don RM 58
3 Kinds Sashimi Set RM 60
  • Menrui Set
Tori Katsu Udon RM 20
Ebi Tempura Udon RM 28
Kitsune Udon RM 18

Wanomiya Wagyu Restaurant Kuala Lumpur Menu Reviews

The culinary world is abuzz with praise for Wanomiya Wagyu Restaurant Kuala Lumpur menu reviews. Coming guests from all corners of the globe have left glowing reviews, commending the Wanomiya Wagyu for its innovative approach to top of line cuisine, impeccable presentation, and warm hospitality.

  • Rating as per their Facebook Page: 4.9
  • Rating as Google Reviews: 4.6

One outstanding food option there

Wanomiya Wagyu Restaurant Contact Number

City Number
Kuala Lumpur (60) 16 253 1818

Every time, Wanomiya Wagyu restaurant in Kuala Lumpur offered truly special. They truly highlight the wonderfulness of Wagyu with maintaining themselves about making foodstuff. Only issue that visitor commonly face is their limited outlets that may spread in future.

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